Going Green

I have to admit that I have a lot of chemicals in my home and I’m not really all that concerned about them.  I’m a big fan of bleach, though I’ve been known to use vinegar for cleaning, too.  My brain is just too busy worrying about other things (finding enough time to read Freddy and Fredericka, for instance) to worry unduly about harsh cleaning products.  (My biggest concern is not cancer, but dry, cracked fingers when I get crazy with the bleach.)
However, Clorox has made it super-easy to “go green” with their new line of products made from plant-based ingredients.  (I don’t even know what that means, but it sounds friendly, doesn’t it?  Like soap made from earthworms or a scrubber made from tree bark?)  Anyway, this line is called Green Works and you can find them on store shelves already.

I received some dish-soap to try.  I have enjoyed squirting its green soapy goodness into the dirty dishes and swishing it around until everything was all sudsy.  It smells great and I have no complaints about its power to cut through grease and make all the dishes shiny and clean.  I even enjoyed the shape of the bottle.  Very pretty.
Apparently, I don’t need chemicals to get my dishes clean.  Just Clorox Green Works.

* * *

(Yes, this was a commercial.  Believe me, my life is boring, but not so boring that I must resort to talking about cleaning products without compensation.)

4 thoughts on “Going Green

  1. I haven’t used the dish soap, but I really like the spray on counter cleaner stuff. It’s like 409, but it smells so much better and I think it cleans really well. I also think my maid must be ingesting the stuff because she used up a half bottle the last time she was here.


  2. I have to say that I’ve started using this stuff a while ago and LOVE it. I haven’t used the dish soap, but have used the toilet bowl cleaner, the window/glass spray cleaner, the multipurpose spray, and the multipurpose stuff (kind of like pine sol).

    I love it all, it does work just as well as the harsher chemical stuff and smells GREAT! 🙂

    Have fun!


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