How to earn $30 in ten easy steps.

1) Decide to have a garage sale.

2) Spend a week answering children: “Yes, you can sell that. Ten cents.” My daughter spent a lot of time pricing her items all by herself, including pretty much every coloring book she’s ever owned. She’s not much for coloring.

3) Spend every spare moment for a whole week sorting through cupboards and drawers. Face the storage room. Move all items to the front living room. Trip over boxes for a week.

4) Borrow tables. Set up items. Place ad on Craigslist. Make signs. Load Mother’s items into van and transport to my house.

5) Wake up early on Saturday morning. Price items. Set out signs. Sit in driveway for whole glorious summer Saturday morning.

6) Wait.

7) Wait.

8) Greet sporadic shoppers.

9) Box up remaining items.

10) Drive to thrift store. Unload back of van.

11) Spent $20 at Dairy Queen.

(The kids each made a few bucks. Zachary earned himself $20 or so. Grace ended up with five bucks–and handfuls of jewelry picked out from Grandma’s stash. My mother made $70. It was actually kind of fun, but that’s the last garage sale EVER.)

3 thoughts on “How to earn $30 in ten easy steps.

  1. Last garage sale EVER? I hear you loud and clear, I loathe them. Our neighborhood has an annual one (you get good traffic when there are 20+ within a 4 block radius) and I was planning to participate this year… turns out I had another obligation with my hobby and I just couldn’t. Thank goodness!


  2. See, now you’ve gone and done it! I was actually going to have a garage sale…It’s taken months to talk myself into it…and in a mere, few seconds, you have single-handedly made me CHANGE MY MIND!!!


  3. I have found that the best way to avoid having a garage sale is too keep a bag to put stuff in for the thrift store and then when it is full I put it in my car (not the trunk cuz then I forget about it) and take it on my next trip to town. I don’t have enough extra stuff in my house to have a good garage sale and that is good!

    I must say I do love a good garage sale though. This past Saturday there was an all-town sale here where my daughter lives and my little grandson and I went to several. He made quite a haul with a Little People train track set and, best of all, a Buzz Lightyear!


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