My husband’s forty-seventh birthday was today. We went to dinner and a movie. And my daughter wrapped him gifts: one purchased and three regifted from her room. (She chose a children’s Bible, a football and I can’t remember the last.) She likes to wrap gifts and uses the big scissors and wrapping paper and a roll of tape for each gift-wrapping session. Really, a whole roll of tape. I love her enthusiasm.

What’s weird about getting older and being married to someone who is also getting older is . . . well, getting older. My dad died three weeks after he turned forty-seven. My husband just turned forty-seven. It’s just so weird that my dad died when he was so young . . . and so weird that my husband is now the age that my dad was when he died. My dad seemed so . . . grown-up and dad-like when he was 47, so many miles and miles and miles ahead of us.

And now we’re there, sort of.  We’re getting old.  At least my husband is:  I’m four years younger than him.
Anyway, I am so glad my husband was born, so glad I married him almost 21 years ago and so glad that he’s not going to die in three weeks.

11 thoughts on “Forty-seven

  1. Sounds very woo-woo – but you’re handling it beautifully. I love that you love your husband. I love that you don’t just tolerate him. I hear that in the voices of some women who have been married more than 8 years or so – and it’s sad to me. I want to age well into my marriage – and keep on loving the guy I fell in love with.

    Thank you for being so open about your life!


  2. Happy birthday! Strange to reach the age of your parents when they were doing certain things.

    It feels weird to be grown up – even though I’ve been grown up for awhile.


  3. Happy Birthday to Him!

    Turning 50 made me remember how when I was young I would scan the obituaries and only read them of the person was younger than 50. My thought being that dying at 50 was not dying young.

    I’m thankful my dad has made it to 82. It’s funny to hear him and his friends talk about ‘the old guys’ that they visit.


  4. I recently found out that one of my colleagues (a newly graduated teacher I should add) was best mates with a boy I taught in my second year out of teacher’s college. So in theory I could have taught someone who is now in the teaching profession themselves. That was a very “getting old” moment!


  5. Hmmm. My two youngest love regifting. We’ve got teddy bears, action figures, broken jewelry… I think it’s so cute when they decide to share something that was precious to them at one time.

    Thanks also for the telling window into my next decade (I’m 37, turning 38 this summer).


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