I tried to skip church this morning but my 5-year old would not hear of it. “How about if we go to church first and then the movie?” she asked. So that’s what we did.

I did leave the slumbering teenagers at home, which saved some aggravation until we returned home, ready to pick them up for the movie and found one 15-year old boy unshowered (and refusing to admit it until pressed on the issue). I insisted he shower and we arrived in our movie seats after the previews had started.

The movie (Kung Fu Panda) was entertaining enough, but of course, OF COURSE, there was a small child sitting directly behind me asking non-stop questions of her daddy throughout the whole show. “Daddy, why is he sad?” “Daddy, why doesn’t he want noodles?” “Daddy, what’s his name?” And Daddy answered her in a normal talking voice through every single scene of the whole movie.

Hey, Daddy, how about saying “shhhhh!” and how about warning your child, “In movie theaters, we must be quiet.” And how about not taking your child to the movies if your child is not able to sit quietly and watch without TALKING TALKING TALKING during the entire movie? Huh? How about that, Daddy?

A-hem. (And, sure, I expect kids to make noise during movies, but this was extreme. This child talked without stopping during the entire movie. EVERY SCENE, EVERY CHARACTER. I could hardly hear the dialogue. My own five year old turned around to see who was doing all that talking.)

When we returned home, I set about working with my teenagers on their research reports. I cannot adequately describe the agony of that task. So I will not.

After two hours, I took my daughter to swim. The temperature had warmed up to almost sixty degrees. Brrr. I am now reading The Same Sweet Girls. In fact, I stayed up much too late last night reading. Much.

Upon our return home (after her bedtime!), I exercised. I’m keeping a commitment to myself to exercise every day in June. (See the other blog for more gory details.) After that, I ran to the store to buy birthday cards (my husband turns 47 tomorrow) and a white shirt for my 10-year old’s school project. They are doing something with those shirts tomorrow, so I had to go out tonight.

And thus ends another exciting day. My husband was gone overnight on a retreat, so we now launch into another week having hardly seen each other this weekend. And it will be a doozy, too, with baseball play-offs, birthday parties and the baseball pizza party.

Then the school year is over. And I am happy to report that I did not stab anyone with a pencil, though at times, the temptation was almost irresistible. (Bet you haven’t heard a homeschooling mother admit that before!)

6 thoughts on “Superbusy

  1. I SO know what it is like to get a teen to do work they don’t want to. I stayed up till 3:00 AM the other night reading. Much too late! I paid dearly the next day.


  2. Two kids to get through research reports. I can’t even imagine. I had to help Danny write a two page essay on To Kill a Mockingbird last week and we darned near killed each other, it was awful. I can’t imagine having to do it for two of them. You have my greatest admiration for leaving them alive.


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