All nostalgic and everything for the good ole days

I feel kind of lonely for all my blogging buddies . . . before I started working full-time I had so much more time on my hands, even though it was time broken into a million fragmented pieces. I would walk by the computer on my way to the laundry room, pop onto the computer, read a few blogs and leave a smattering of comments. I’d pass by on my way to the patio door to check on the kids and stop in for a blog visit and leave some comments. I had time, somehow, to read blogs, a lot of blogs. But no more.

Now I am practically chained to my computer and my beloved blogs–not the ones I write, the ones you write–may as well be floating around Saturn they are so impossible to visit. It’s past midnight now, my shift has just ended and David Letterman is talking to Steve Martin on his show. My head throbs with the exhaustion of working twelve hours today. (Not every day involves twelve hour shifts, but Thursdays are killers.)

So, if I used to leave you blog comments and you’ve noticed my conspicuous absence and silence, it’s nothing personal. I long for a day full of blog-reading and blog-catching-up and blog-commenting . . . but, alas. Alas.

However! I will make a promise, here and now. Leave me a comment. Include the URL of your blog and I will stop by and bring you a plate of fresh-baked cookies. Or a comment. One or the other.

I miss you, Blog-writing Friends!

23 thoughts on “All nostalgic and everything for the good ole days

  1. Good Morning Melodee! Don’t be too hard on yourself! I think I could entertain myself all day long checking blogs. Of course, my house would be a mess, wait….I guess I do entertain myself all day! I am proud of your new jobs.

    I loved your post about your daughter and her interest in shoes! I have two older boys and was just amazed when my daughter took an interest in these things. I just love it when she tells me I need to get rid of pieces of my wardrobe.



  2. Yeah, don’t you just hate it when life gets in the way of blogging?? I’ve been stuck in court all week, suffering withdrawal symptoms too. Looking forward to those cookies though! (Does that mean I have to click on one of those boxes that says I accept cookies before you’ll come over???)


  3. Melanie,
    My blog is pretty boring, but I love imagining a more exciting life through your blogs. (I bet that you are surprised that you have an exciting life.) I also have been flat out stuck in weight loss for a year. I am hoping that you figure out the secret so I can follow your advice and start losing again.


  4. Rest assured, Mel – I will continue to read your blog no matter what. Congrats on the perfect job – work at home! Lucky you – but don’t worry about us – if anything major happens in my life – I’ll just email you! For now, know that you are not missing anything!


  5. The past two years of taking care of my grandson have rendered me almost blog-life-less, too, Mel, so don’t feel like the Lone Ranger. I do manage time to write most evenings because it’s my decompressing time and I’d fall apart at the seams without it, ha! It may be for an hour, it may be for 15 minutes. With grandson number 2 soon to arrive and then adding HIM to the mix once my d-i-l is back to work…oh buddy buddy! Oh well. Life happens, doesn’t it? And once upon a time we had computerless lives and did just fine, didn’t we? The world isn’t going to fall apart if we don’t write or visit daily with our blog friends. That’s what friends are for…to be there for us when we CAN write or visit…and for understanding when we can’t be.


  6. Mel, as I discover ever more and more new and wonderful blogs, I find I just can’t read them all. So I read some of them occasionally…just a handful of them really REGULARLY. And yours (also your Diet Naked Blog) are in that handful.

    Don’t feel bad if you don’t have time to leave me a comment. There’s enough guilt on us women as it is. 🙂


  7. Okay you havent lost me. I read your blog faithfully. I have both your blogs in google reader and I read them first of they are updated!

    Are you planning on keeping this hectic schedule?


  8. I agree with one of the other comments! I miss reading your blog!

    I’m really happy for you about the job though! That means there *is* hope for the rest of us.

    Good luck, Mel. I hope things settle down a bit and you can get some fun things in again!


  9. (My comment didn’t appear *sniff*)

    I agree that I’ve missed reading your blog updates more often, but I completely understand!

    That, and I am very happy about your job! It means there *is* hope for the rest of us!

    Good luck Mel! I hope the schedule settles a bit so you can start having some fun again!


  10. Mel,
    I’ve been a reader for years now & I too find myself in the ‘sporadic posting’ mode most days. One quality post is much better than a zillion ‘fluff’ ones… I’ll still be here reading no matter what. =) *hugs* from Boston!

    -Amy & Ruby Cate


  11. Just so you know, I’m still boring.

    But, looking at the comments above, I see that it was most likely due to your blog that I have made some wonderful friends!

    You being one of them.

    I do find it interesting though, that I have dearly loved family and friends that I know less about than my blog friends. Sort of weird, you know?

    I suppose it has a lot to do with how I don’t have to cook, bake, clean, entertain nor worry about the weather when I am blog-visiting!


  12. My blog is a joke now. I’d love to be able to write something meaning ful or interesting but I just can’t bring myself to do it. 7 kids and a case of post adoption depression have just sucked any creative juices I might have had dry dry dry.

    Just thought I’d stop by and say hey.


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