Quiet week in progress. Do not disturb.

My teenagers are on “Winter Break” this week, a ridiculous week-long break for no apparent reason. My almost-10-year old is not on Winter Break, so he goes off to school and the teenagers lounge around all day. I secretly like Winter Break (and Summer Break, too) because forcing them to do schoolwork is an exercise in frustration. They are so much easier to live with they are on a break. (My kids are in different school districts because of the teenagers’ virtual school.)

I took my daughter on a long walk before lunch today. Breathing in the cool air and squinting in the sunlight was such a delight.

Thanks for all the New York related advice. I have decided to wear a black track suit (is that what you call it? . . . black pants, black jacket) and I found some really cute shoes that will be perfect. (I think I’ll even post a picture of them tomorrow.) We’re going to see “Spamalot.” I became a fan of Monty Python, ever since I watched “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” when I was a teenager. And Carmen recommended it.

I can’t believe I’ll be in New York in less than a week. I’m already missing my family and I haven’t even left.

My son will turn 10 years old while I’m gone. (Birthday party will be held the following weekend.) Ten! And then my daughter will be five and a half (on March 2).

And I will spare you my rendition of “the cat’s in the cradle and the silver spoon, little boy blue and the man in the moon” (the kids are growing and have I spent enough time with them?) lament.

5 thoughts on “Quiet week in progress. Do not disturb.

  1. My baby boy turned 10 on Monday. I can’t believe I am the mother of a 10 year old – it feels like yesterday that he was born. Mind you, it also feels like eons since the house didn’t vibrate to his presence. Have a good trip!


  2. Have you ever thought of withdrawing from virtual school and doing the freestyle homeschooling thing, where you get to choose your own curriculum, set your own hours, units, base core subjects around things that they like. It may sound like more work, but of the homeschoolers I know with teens, those who are schooling that way find it much easier than those who are trying to shove a public school curriculum down unwilling throats. (That’s from moms who tried both.)

    I hear that it frees up a lot of time when they start working more independently because they like it, and you eliminate all of the silly make busy work that public schools assign to keep kids busy while the teacher has time to answer questions and visit everyone at their desk.

    ANyway, just a thought. ? 🙂

    HAve fun in New York. 🙂


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