The last Saturday before Christmas

My husband taunted me last night.  “What time are you leaving?” he asked.

I said, ” . . . ” and he interrupted before I could say it and said, “Ten?  You’ll never be out of here by ten.”

Oh yeah?  That sounded a lot like a dare to me and I am the girl who introduced myself to Jim Bakker (yes, that Jim Bakker) on a dare in 1985.  I was working on the grounds crew, saw Jim Bakker arrive at the Grand Hotel surrounded by his entourage and said to Kendra, my co-worker, “I should go introduce myself to Jim Bakker.”  She said, “I dare you.”

So, I dropped my rake and marched right over, stuck out my hand and said, “Hi, I’m Melodee.  I think you went to college with my uncle.”

So, Dear Husband, do not dare me or I will, indeed, leave the house by 10:00 a.m.!  In fact, I was nearly at the mall by 10:00 a.m.

And, not only that, but I found a parking spot one car away from Macy’s door.  I was out of there by 10:50 a.m., then stopped by Best Buy on my way to a movie.  (“Charlie Wilson’s War,” an entertaining flick, littered with the f-word and an opening scene replete with with nipples . . . why, oh why?)  After the movie, I drove back across town to Costco where I easily found a parking spot and bought four things:  a spiral ham, batteries, ketchup and mustard.  We consume ketchup almost as fast as we consume milk.

Then, to a department store.  I finished up my day at Barnes and Nobles, spending gift cards on myself.  Yes, myself!  I bought four books I’ve been wanting to read for a long time:

Eat, Pray, Love;

Mindless Eating;

Girl Meets God;

Three Weeks with My Brother.

Which reminds me of something I’ve been meaning to ask.  What book did you read in 2007 that you would recommend to other people?  My book recommendation for the year would probably be Peace Like a River or  The Sacred Journey by Frederick Buechner.

I also urge you to check out  I use this free site to keep track of the books I’ve read.

Now, time to wrap the last few gifts.  Happy first day of winter!  And now, the days get longer . . . until we will wake up in shock that summer has arrived again.

11 thoughts on “The last Saturday before Christmas

  1. I have read three of these. Mindless Eating was good, although I did that one in an abridged form (on tape). It occasionally got tiresome with the multiple studies he goes over. Maybe because it was on tape and I couldn’t skim through the numbers.
    I very much enjoyed the Sparks book but I would not describe myself as a huge fan of his fiction. I’ve read some, enjoyed some, but do not feel compelled to read everything out there by him. I have too many books already, perhaps.
    But Girl Meets God was great. If you like that one, you may like Mudhouse Sabbath afterwards. (Have you read Donald Miller’s Blue Like Jazz? or any of his others?)



  2. Three weeks with my brother is a good one but then again you know my obsession with Nicholas Sparks!! I have also been wanting to read Eat Pray Love.



  3. The Opposite of Fate by Amy Tan It’s her memoirs and I loved it, although I’m not a huge fan of her fiction. Which is funny, because I would say the exact same thing about Nicholas Sparks and Three Weeks With My Brother.


  4. “Three Weeks with my Brother” is one of my very favorites. I hope you enjoy it. I read so much I’m not sure what in the world I would recommend, but that is one I would for sure.


  5. Girl Meets God is one of my favorite books. It helped me understand the intricacies of Judaism and reminded me why I love Jesus. Lauren Winner is so intelligent it’s scary, but she’s endearing and very warm in person.


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