I had a brief flicker of an idea today.  But, alas, it’s gone.  *POOF*

I wonder what it was . . . and if it will reappear?

3 thoughts on “Huh

  1. It appears that in a short six month time I will be entering my 50’s with a clean memory slate.

    I swear, I can HEAR that ‘poof’ you speak of.

    And, I keep finding random pieces of paper that say ‘to do tomorrow’ written on the top. So, writing it down helps not a twit.

    (well. at least not THIS twit.)


  2. This is how I feel a lot! I’ll have in my mind what I am doing in a store, what I need to buy, then something happens and puff it disappears and I forget where I am! 🙂


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