I am so tired. I used to say that so much in college that I was mocked by my friends. I have learned to not express aloud every thought that floats through my head, so I don’t say it all the time. (I also stopped habitually saying, “Well. . . ” when my friend Lisa started following that up with, “Well, hell, Mel,” although I do find the rhymes satisfying.)

But today? Really, I am so tired. Yesterday I woke up early to walk, then did not go back to bed, but instead did my morning transcription work, supervised the 5-year olds, badgered my teenagers to do their school work, worked online from three to five and then eight to midnight . . . and then, looky here! A new day dawns.

You know what cures this, right? A long trip to Tahiti, no Moorea. (Click here and check out the what we’d see if we were there right this second.) Barring that, Diet Coke. Guess which I get today?

Fahrenheit 9/11 dvdrip

2 thoughts on “Yawning

  1. I am tired all the time. I could seriously sleep 12 hours if there was not hollering, screaming, banging on the door, music or whatever is breaking loose when I try to rest. On a good note, my husband will let me sleep until 6 or 7 (this is sleeping IN!)on the weekends if I want too.

    I usually can’t sleep through the ruckus though. Oh, and the hollering, screaming and such is usually just good natured playing, most the time.

    From one tired momma to another, get some rest now dear.


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