And the winner of the stroller is . . .

Carrien, from She Laughs at the Days.

Here was her comment:

I read about the stroller giveaway the other day, and then I clicked on without thinking about it. I have a double jogging stroller that we affectionately call my car, (because I don’t actually have a car) I take it everywhere, I have patched gigantic holes in the seats with upholstery thread, I have used it to carry home 25 lbs of gravel for potted plants, and soil and groceries. MY children rode in it when we lived in Vancouver and walked everywhere as well. I have happy memories of hauling that thing up steep hills from the beach, convincing them that they needed to get out and walk the hills, and getting the Girl to fall asleep.

It’s a gigantic beast of a thing, I doesn’t fit through many single shop doors and I have to actually slide the side wheel off, hold it up with my shoulder and tilt it to get through the door and then slide the wheel back on, and then repeat when I leave the store, which is irritating, but I’ve been doing it so long that I barely notice and for our immediately close to home needs it’s quite adequate.

So why am I back to leave a comment?
Well, yesterday I took the bus, with my three children, my getting very heavy 8 month old strapped to me and three bags with everything we would need for our day. It got really heavy, really fast. There are many great places that I could take my children to this year that are too far to walk, but a relatively short bus ride away. Places like the beach, and lakes, and rivers and outdoor sanctuaries that are just outside of our concrete walking radius, or even to the library when it rains. Honestly, though, I’m not likely to do it without a stroller because of how it’s beginning to hurt to carry the Baby around and she’s only getting heavier.

I started fantasizing about the beautiful single stroller that I gave away before we left Canada to a single mom and her kids and kind of wishing I still had it, and then I remembered your giveaway, so here I am.

I can’t take the stroller I have on the bus, it’s way to big. The one you are giving away though would fit, and it looks sturdy enough to withstand many adventures.

This homeschooling year is likely to be much more interactive if we could have something cool like that so I am here giving it a shot.

Congratulations, Carrien!  Email me your address so I can give it to the Chicco folks.  Your stroller will be mailed directly to your house.

As for everyone else who entered, I’m sorry you couldn’t all have won!  Thank you for entering my contest and don’t forget to enter the Chicco contest at their website.

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