About the stroller contest . . .

Sometime today (between taking the boys to P.E. at the YMCA, babysitting a kindergartener, watching a one-year old, going to the store for laundry detergent and a candy bar for my daughter, taking the kindergartener to school, and driving afternoon carpool) I will narrow down the entrants to five and then conduct a random drawing for the winner.

I promise to have this done by midnight today!  (Pacific Standard Time!)

Stuart Little 2 film

So, the suspense continues.  Meanwhile, go over and enter the drawing at the Chicco website.

2 thoughts on “About the stroller contest . . .

  1. Wait. Where is my candy bar? You amaze me that you can find the time to host a contest! Anyway, I entered the other day and I am crossing all fingers and toes that I will be picked 😉
    Stay well!


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