First Day of School

My 9-year old stood at the kitchen counter pushing a turkey pepperoni and cheese bun sandwich into a plastic bag. “Oh,” I said, “You made your sandwich!” Last night, I scavenged in the kitchen, rather desperately looking for something appropriate to put in his lunch. I came up with a homemade banana muffin, corn puffs from Trader Joe’s, and a bun which I intended to turn into a sandwich. (I have no bread.) As an afterthought I added a Milky Way bar, clearly a nutritional disaster, but I wanted his first day of fourth grade to have a fun lunch. And I had not planned ahead very well.

I spread out all the school supplies on the floor last night at 9 p.m. and checked them against the list as I added them to his gigantic backpack, one with wheels and a handle. I filled it to the brim, lacking only the appropriate number of pencils because I am an admitted pencil snob and I only buy Ticonderoga and the best place to buy them is Costco because you can get a bunch for not so much money. And we need a bunch of pencils because they disappear into the swirling vortex of the black hole that is my house and, no, I have no idea how that happens. Today, I’m going to Costco and I am buying pencils, among other things.

My daughter and I drove my son to school, through a mini-traffic jam in our smallish town. We parked and walked toward the building. The sun shone on their blond heads and I grabbed my camera to capture this moment. And luckily, no one was hit by a car.


To Do List for First Day of School

1) Take kid to school.

2) Drink Diet Dr. Pepper because Diet Coke is gone.

3) Post here, there and everywhere on blogs. (Okay, that second link wasn’t today, but I never mentioned it before today.) (And please, click on “there” because, as I keep mentioning, that blog pays money . . . and maybe you’ll want to join the Fitday Challenge?)

4) Postpone actual writing assignment (four devotionals, if you must know) that is due on Saturday. Procrastination is my middle name.

5) Go to Costco. Buy pencils, string cheese, milk, bread, Kashi granola bars, strawberries and so much other stuff that the receipt shocks me. Buy Diet Coke at snack bar. Fifty-five cents!
6) Unload groceries.

7) Pick up kid from school.

. . . and the rest of the day is blurry, but I think it will involve the swimming pool and more procrastination until finally at 10 p.m., I get myself together and WRITE THE DEVOTIONALS.

The end.

8 thoughts on “First Day of School

  1. question for you… how does your son feel about being public schooled? if it ever comes down to it, I KNOW my boys will want to all homeschool if i do it with one. Just wondering…


  2. So, when did your daughter start driving?
    Just kidding, couldn’t resist! I’ve been a lurker for quite awhile and love your blog.


  3. Imagine! We’ve been back to school for a month now. This morning my six year old wanted to fix her lunch (they usually buy). Of course, there is no bread (we are not really sandwich people) so she had a peanut butter on raisin bread sandwich. Don’t worry she loves it!


  4. I hear you on the pencil thing!! Ticonderogas are the ONLY way to go 🙂 Have you tried the ones with the triangular shaped barrel yet? It makes this awesome pencil even better. 🙂 Plus, they don’t roll of the table.

    My oldest starts on Tuesday (7th grade) and she is terrible to stock food for. Very picky and changes her tastes with the change of the wind. My youngest starts preschool on Wednesday, but she won’t have lunch there. We’ll probably have a picnic lunch in the park when I pick her up while the weather here in Michigan is still nice.


  5. Hi! I just found your blog, read this post, and your about me, and I’m hooked. Very funny. I just started a “pastor’s wife” blog, and I’d love to put yours on the blog roll. I’ll be back. Anna


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