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Tess asks:  Do your kids eat what you eat or do you have to prepare separate meals for kids and adults in your household?  Any suggestions for kid friendly meals?

Answer:   If my kids choose not to eat what I’ve cooked, they have the option of eating healthy cereal or a sandwich.  For the most part, I don’t cook anything separate, though I modify food to suit my diet.  For instance, if they are having soft tacos, I’ll turn mine into a taco salad.  They might have soup with bread, while I only eat the soup.  They really love pasta with red sauce and I do not at all, so when I cook that for them, I make myself something separate, but simple.  (For instance, I’ll have a plate of cooked vegetables sprinkled with feta cheese or something like that.)

My twins were extremely picky as young children, but now that they are 14, they eat almost everything and in vast quantities!  I have discovered that they’ll eat any number of casserole-type dishes and soups cooked in the Crock-Pot.  My younger kids are not so excited about those kinds of meals, so they’ll eat alternate foods (cereal, cheese, sandwiches).  My experience with my kids has taught me that they will eventually broaden their palates and eat vegetables and fruits.  I never make food an issue with any of them, figuring they’ll outgrow their pickiness–or not.  Either way, why fret?

(My daughter has the oddest preschooler eating habits . . . she likes tuna out of the can, strawberries, kidney beans, green beans and all kinds of things that my other kids never ate at that age.)

One thought on “Even more answers

  1. Thanks for that Melodee. There’s some food for thought there. Because dh was in charge of their diets while I was in hospital there’s a lot of bad stuff crept in so I don’t think there would even be a healthy cereal here that they would eat. We’ve got a lot of work to do on the food situation here.


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