Answer Number Three

Sarah over at the Anchored Nomad asks several questions: What keeps you motivated in the dieting/healthy lifestyle game?

Answer:  An awareness of the price of overeating, namely, that eating too many Oreos means I have to wear fat pants.  No thanks.  Also, blogging about it keeps me on track.  (You know, over there.)

Question:  What has been the most difficult age to deal with as a parent?  (please, no “they’re all equally difficult in their own ways”, that answer gives me nightmares)

Answer:  I have to say that I really did not enjoy my twin boys when they were 11.  Perhaps this was only because that was our first year of doing school at home, but I remember it as being quite unpleasant.  I prefer them as teenagers, I think.

Question:  Did you dislike living in Michigan as much as I do?

Answer:  I might have handled living in rural, northern Michigan (way way up there) better if I’d had the Internet then.  I felt very isolated and the winters were so very long.  My twins were 19 months old when we arrived and five years old when we left and it was tough being in an isolated area with them.  (The mall was two hours away.  The grocery store was thirty minutes away.  The airport was four hours south of us.)

Question:  Who would play you in your own version of The Preacher’s Wife?  (assuming it’s not Whitney Houston)

Answer:   Huh.   I have just wasted a good five minutes staring at my wrinkly hands–hey, when did that happen?–and pondering this question.  It can’t be someone too skinny, too brunette, too pretty, or anyone with sharp elbows.  I have no idea.  Any ideas?

5 thoughts on “Answer Number Three

  1. This one is easy for me.

    Granted, I haven’t seen you in twenty years, but you closely resemble an actress named Glenne Headley–she was the female lead in the movie Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Google her and tell me what you think!


  2. I have found that 14 is my least favorite age for boys. And I have one right now. Ugh. Fortunately they become quite charming shortly after that. Still waiting to see when the daughter will fall apart.


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