Answer: Number Two

Angie from All Grown Up? asks: What do you miss most about eating whatever you want before you started dieting?

Answer:  Well, I guess I miss eating whatever I want.  But you probably mean what do I miss eating?  I miss eating a lot of pizza in one sitting and I miss eating potato chips out of the bag.

But there are so many more things that I don’t miss.

I don’t miss having nothing appropriate to wear because I outgrew my clothes.

I don’t miss the tight waistbands on my jeans that made me want to unzip them and put on pajamas during the day.

I don’t miss being invisible in public.  It’s weird that the bigger you are, the less people look you in the eye and acknowledge your existence.

I don’t miss feeling stuffed with too much food.

I don’t miss my feet aching every morning when I first stood on them.

I don’t miss being out of breath walking up the stairs in my house.

I don’t miss hating myself.

I don’t miss being embarrassed to see old friends who knew me before.

I don’t miss ugly clothing, chosen only because it fit.

I don’t miss my double chin.

I don’t miss being the fattest woman in the room.

All in all, I don’t really miss eating whatever I wanted . . . because the cost was so high for that momentary pleasure.

7 thoughts on “Answer: Number Two

  1. I’m laughing, (new here) I read your entire post without reading the question, the whole time I was thinking you were talking about being pregnant!!! Ha! But I’m glad to see you were talking about just being overweight, most of those things fit with pregnancy!


  2. I found your page through a series of clicks that I couldn’t even dream of repeating. Anyway, it was just what I needed this morning as I debated whether to go to Starbucks or make yet another protien shake for breakfast. I have been on this weightloss journey for most of my life. Recently I had a detour but I had vowed to get back on it today. Thank you for your encouragment. I am excited to explore more of your blog.


  3. Sigh. Good to remember on a day when I’m tired of spinach salad and would rather have a cheeseburger. The thing is, I had an off-plan splurge earlier this week and I was surprised how badly it made me feel. Sat in my gut like a lump and sure made it less tempting today. Still a willpower decision though…

    Appreciate the perspective, Mel. I still ask myself “Is this worth being fat forever?”


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