Wanted: Two Hours

What I’d like is two extra daylight hours, preferably sandwiched into each day in a time warp of sorts so that no one realizes I’ve slipped away for two hours. Really, I want my own personal wrinkle in time so that no one looks up and says, “Where’s Mom?” and comes looking for me.

I’m treading water and I’d really like to start swimming, making forward progress with my inelegant breaststroke (I never put my face under water). I have places to go! Things to do! And I’m just splashing around, making waves, but not going anywhere.

I know. What am I talking about? Don’t you hate it when people are vague like this?

Well, the truth is that I wish I had a lot more time to be creative, to be silent and creative. I’d love to sew again, but that’s not what’s nipping at my heels and elbows while I bob around. No, I am trying to write, to create a world with words and it’s really tough when my days are full of interruptions and my nights are short-sheeted by fatigue.

I know we all have twenty-four hours in the day . . . anyone want to hand over two of their daily hours to me so I can have twenty-six?

(By the way, I posted my kids’ favorite Crock-pot meal on the other blog, The Amazing Shrinking Mom.)

7 thoughts on “Wanted: Two Hours

  1. Oh I so get what you are saying. I keep saying all I need to recharge is a weekend to myself at a hotel. Doesn’t need to be fancy or spa like. Just a room to myself with a couple of good books, a couple of good movies and my scrap supplies. No one asking for my time or energy.

    So if there are two people out there with extra hours to donate, I’ll take a couple.

    Leigh Anne


  2. I feel like this sometimes, too. But I think the creative juice was sapped out of me some years ago. I go to the crafts store (Michaels or Hobby Lobby) and look at all the stuff and think, “I could do this.” And I could, but I lack the motivation and focus.


  3. I always thought it would be nice to have a 26 or 28 hour day, but then decided I’d probably be too tired to do anything with that extra time anyways :-p


  4. The hardest part here is that the boy gets up between 6 and 7am every day, the teen and almost teen stay up later than I do. It I’m pushed at either end. I want to be alone. If I get up earlier the boy gets up, if I say up later, well lets not go there. I don’t have the energy for a longer day, I’d just like some alone time.


  5. What Tammy said.

    Could you maybe start with an hour or two on weekends or so where you just go away to a quiet place? Coffee shop or library? How about taking a notebook with you to the pool?

    I find that times that are suitable to reading are often suitable for writing too. Sometimes I sit down next to my son who is taking a bath with my notebook and write an entire blog post while he is happily occupied. But then I only have one child…

    Or you can always do something like NaNoWriMo. It focuses the mind like a marvel. You turn slightly crazy too, but it’s only for a month after all.


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