The mighty power of email

Ha.  I emailed the manager of this hotel and at this very moment, as I type, I am the proud inhabitant of adjoining hotel rooms.  And only the boys had to move . . . I stayed put.

Now, that wasn’t so hard, was it?

Today, we “did” California Adventures.  The Tower of Terror beckoned twice, as did the Grizzly River Raft, Soarin’ Over California and California Screaming (a roller coaster).  The only bummer was that by the time we rode the roller coaster, I had developed a severe lack-of-food and caffeine headache and my brain rattled around in my head with every curve and swoop of the coaster.  Ouch.

However, after food and Diet Coke, we were mesmerized by the stage show of Aladdin . . . it was truly remarkable.

Tomorrow at 7 a.m., we’ll be back at Disney in an effort to actually ride the Finding Nemo attraction.  The waits in line have been upwards of two hours . . . which is ridiculous.  I hope that if we arrive super early, we can avoid that nonsense.

Since we’ve been here I’ve done laundry three times.  Which is sort of funny to me.  However, my technique is to pack light and wash often, so I only packed enough clothing for three days for each of us.  This hotel has only two washers and two dryers . . . apparently, I’m one of the few who wash clothes while vacationing.

And now I’m rambling, so enough.

9 thoughts on “The mighty power of email

  1. If you get a chance, could you let me know which hotel you are at? We’re going to DL at the end of September. I know Walt Disney WORLD like the back of my hand, but this is our first trip to Disney LAND. 🙂 Thanks!


  2. Congratulations on 20 years. We had ours last November.

    Having just returned from vacation and hearing you say your kids laid down and went to sleep with out a fuss seems amazing to me. You have done something amazingly right! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!


  3. Ahhh glad to hear you are back in adjoining rooms. Hope you find Nemo today and enjoy more of Disneyland. We are trekking to Disneyworld in September and hopefully that will be a good time to there ever truly a good time?


  4. We have had luck with going early and getting a fast pass for the rides we really want to ride on. Sometimes the wait is still awhile, because you are waiting with other fast passers. I hope you get to ride it.


  5. I’m so jealous! In all my 50 years, I’ve never even ben to California, let alone Disneyland, however I have 300+ Eeyores in my house, so I feel like he’s a personal friend. 😉 I want to go someday, but I know it’s never going to happen.

    Happy anniversary! We celebrated our 19th this year. Time flies… How does that go again? Heh.


  6. This reminds me of a time when we were on the patio at a restaurant and couldn’t get served. We got the phone # off the menu and called them on our cell phone. Got served right away.

    Not sure how you feel about blogger awards — but you got one. Check out my place. I think you’re a hoot!


  7. Hey Girl…on vacation AND doing are positively Super MOM!! Way to go! I usually try to pack clothes that I can actually throw away at the end of the trip – you know, those t-shirts that are getting old anyways..and have a stain on them. I figure, if they wear them a day or two, and they get dirtier,…I can just chuck ’em…- makes more room for those souvenier t-shirts they all beg more for!


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