Happy anniversary to me (and him)!

Twenty years ago, I was preparing for my wedding. I wore a gown I sewed myself from ivory taffeta. My poor bridesmaids wore purple dresses with bubble skirts . . . which are coming back in style now, which is how you know it was a very long time ago that my wedding occurred.

I would have something profound to say about marriage and generous to say about my husband, but my feet ache and my hair is crazy and my eyes a bit gritty and the fun hasn’t ended yet, for we’re heading to California Adventures today and then Disneyland again tomorrow.

Last night, I took the four kids back to Disney where we rode the monorail, ate expensive food at the Rainforest Cafe’, saw the parade, watched fireworks and then tried to see “Fantasmic,” the amazing show that takes place on the river.

(What a disaster–the viewing was terrible . . . no seating anywhere–unlike Disney World where this show’s in an amphitheater–and then a man six and a half feet tall lifted up the rope and stepped in front of us, apparently feeling no guilt about suddenly blocking our view, which wasn’t good to start with . . .  and then there were the other parents, already in the front, who perched their little ones on their shoulder, thus dooming the people behind them to hopelessness. People are thoughtless, especially when they are in a crowd.)

We returned back to our room at 11:30 p.m. and for once, my kids didn’t wiggle or talk but fell asleep immediately.  Oh, did I mention that the hotel management didn’t put us in adjoining rooms? So, I’m in one room with two kids and my husband of twenty years today is in a room across the hall and down one with the other two.

Yes, it’s very romantic.

16 thoughts on “Happy anniversary to me (and him)!

  1. Amy says:

    Mel, sounds like you’re having a great time! Makes me want to drive right on down there with my herd! As for saying something profound about marriage, I think you did when you said “my feet ache and my hair is crazy and my eyes a bit gritty and the fun hasn’t ended yet.” Sounds like marriage to me!


  2. Oh how fun! My husband and I celebrate our 11th year tomorrow and I suspect we shall spend it paying the bills, for it is payday. Enjoy your vacation.


  3. Awww…Happy Anniversary!!! Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate…..with family!! But don’t forget to have some one-on-one time when you get back!


  4. Not quite sure what to make of your comment regarding the tall person feeling no guilt. Tallness is not a choice. Now if you want to complain about fat people who take up 2 airplane seats and eat twinkies, doughnuts, etc, that seems like a reasonable complaint.

    6’4″ mother and mother to 6’6″ son who is still growing (and 4 more younger boys who have the same genes)

    Oh, and happy anniversary!


  5. Aw, Happy Anniversary!

    I’m so glad we’re not going to Disneyland for my 20th in September.

    The two of you should see about getting away together for a weekend when you recover from your vacation. 🙂


  6. Homejewel, I don’t think that his height was the problem, it was his rudeness! He could certainly see over her boys, it would have been kind to let them step in front of him. Height is not a choice. Kindness is.


  7. LisaLouise says:

    How great that you are in California– what a great time you must be having! Your kids are at the perfect age–your daughter is young enough to enjoy the magic and the boys are old enough to ride on their own! Hooray!

    Happy anniversary! Did I ever tell you that I am still nursing a grudge towards Lisa B for taking my same wedding day and stealing you to be her bridesmaid!??? The nerve!!!

    (Kidding. No grudge. Envy rots the bones and I need healthy thick bones for old age, right?)

    Enjoy your trip friend!


  8. Happy Anniversary!!! Are your bridesmaids still friends with you? I bet they don’t like being reminded about the dresses they wore on your wedding ha ha ha.

    Sounds like you guys are really having a lot of fun … except for the hotel room saga. Seems like you guys are dealing with that too.

    Have fun!!!


  9. Susan says:

    Sounds like the perfect 20 year marriage. Tired, gritty eyes, and all. They could have at least given you adjoining rooms.
    Nevertheless congratulations! I was at a wedding last weekend and you are right the bubble skirt has returned in full force. All bridesmaids had one on, but they were all tea length. Its interesting for sure.


  10. Stacy says:

    Well I have to ask Mel, did you ask the tall guy if you could step in front of him? Because if you didn’t ask him then I don’t see how you can claim he was rude! I’ve asked people before if they minded my kids stepping on front of them and I’ve always found people to be very kind in this regard.


  11. For the record (and because the AOL girls have it all wrong), we did go to another Fantasmic show two nights later and sat for an hour before the show started to get a good spot. I had no idea that would be necessary the first time we tried to see the show.

    All the viewing was standing room only . . . and you didn’t need to be close, just have an unobstructed view. The tall guy wouldn’t have missed a thing had he stepped back. Furthermore, we were there first–he stepped in front of us and the angle and crowding was such that there was no way to see around him. I didn’t stick around long enough to ask him to step aside–the show is incredibly loud, anyway. We simply moved to another place . . . on the side, and did our best to crane our necks to see around the crowds. Oh, and when I moved, I made sure we didn’t suddenly obstruct anyone else’s view.

    I have no feelings about tall people one way or the other, but in this one certain chaotic situation, I found this one particular tall guy to be thoughtless. I was there! I know what happened, the angle, the view, the situation . . . and the frustration of dealing with a huge crowd at 10 p.m. while holding a 4-year old on my back and trying not to lose my other three kids . . . give me a break, people!


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