Introducing . . .

I’d like you to meet a new friend of mine, Linda. I call her “Linda from California” because that’s where she’s from. Linda and I met at Mt. Hermon’s Christian Writer’s Conference last spring when she sat down at my table at lunch. Later, we realized that we have some things in common: four kids, for starters. And we’re both aspiring writers, knocking on doors and hoping someone will buy something we’ve written.
Anyway, Linda started a blog . . . and now, all she needs are some readers. So, won’t you go over and say hello to Linda? Tell her I sent you. Her blog is called Spilt Milk.

* * *

I have a reciprocal blogroll . . . that means if you link to me, I am happy to link to you. If you are already linking to me and I haven’t returned the favor, please let me know so I can fix that as soon as possible! Thanks!

5 thoughts on “Introducing . . .

  1. Thank you for your blogs, I found them a few days ago and have really enjoyed reading them both. I really love the post on TASM on Your back stabbing friend. It is really how I feel. Thank you I have linked both of your blogs and hope others will find you.


  2. Hi Mel… do you mean when I list you on my blogroll? You have been there from the start of my blogging adventure! I popped over to visit your friend. Thanks for pointing us in her direction!


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