Hair yesterday, gone today

Last night, I ventured to Home Depot and Lowe’s and Joann’s Fabrics to buy supplies to decorate the church for Vacation Bible School. (Avalanche Ranch!) I waited in line to have 2x4s cut into 6 foot lengths. I wrestled giant sheets of styrofoam (four feet by eight feet!) into my van. I pondered mis-tinted paint, hunting for the shades I needed.

I returned home, utterly exhausted at 9:30 p.m. As I stood in my bedroom doorway, talking to my husband, a pile of beautiful blond curls caught my eye. I scooped up this handful of golden hair and said, “She didn’t!” and he said, “Oh. She did. She shouldn’t have scissors.” And I said, “The scissors were on the dresser. I took them out of her room.”

“Where did she cut it?” I said.

“In her bedroom,” he said.

“No, I mean where on her head?”

“Oh,” he said, “I couldn’t tell.”

This morning, I said to her, “Where did you cut your hair?” and she said, “Here, and here on the side and here and in the back.”

Why? “Because it was in my eyes.”

She is just lucky that her hair is curly and that her curls will hide this wretched haircut. It’s only hair. It’s only hair. It’s only hair.

* * *

The other morning, she came clanging into our room, sounding exactly like the Ghost of Jacob Marley, that ghost in “A Christmas Carol” which drags heavy chains around. She did not have chains, but rather, Barbie roller skates and matching elbow and knee pads.

Fortunately, the three-day roller-skating craze has ended, thus proving my wisdom in paying only $3.00 for said roller skates. (A dollar a day, what a bargain.)

15 thoughts on “Hair yesterday, gone today

  1. When my 30-year-old daughter was the same age of Miss Curly Top, I heard some ‘snip snip snipping’ going on behind the recliner. Dreading what I’d find, I peeked behind and there she was, happily snipping off all the flowers on a dried flower arrangement of mine. When she looked up at me, she gave me the most heart-wrenchingly sweet smile and said, “Look, Mommy! I’m cutting flowers!” How could I discipline THAT?!


  2. My daughter did this about the same age. Unfortunately, she did NOT have curls. She grabbed a handful of bangs and cut them off at the scalp. I could have cried. As a matter of fact, I think I did cry. But not as much as the time she babysat to earn her own money and wanted to get her hair “trimmed”. I made her promise she wouldn’t cut a lot off (it was just below her shoulders) and she promised she wouldn’t. She also wanted to go in by herself. (Why didn’t I listen to that voice inside my head screaming “NO!”) She came out with a pixie. I abhor pixie cuts. My mom always made us have short hair because she didn’t want to bother with it and I just hate short hair as a result. This was really something I didn’t need to share I suppose…


  3. My youngest did that about a year ago (she was almost 3), because it was in her eyes also. Sadly, it was a chunk in the middle of her bangs of her straight straight blonde hair. AND, it was two weeks before pictures! Her hair grows kind of fast so it didn’t look horrid.

    Scissors have been highly inaccessible to her ever since except for close supervision.


  4. Rachel did that about six months ago. Then she did it again a month later. She has stick straight hair. She cut the very front so that it looks like a mullet.

    This last time she jabbed herself in the forehead really badly and I think cured herself from haircutting. I swear, I keep trying to hide the scissors!!


  5. Susan says:

    Glad the Fruity Cherrio pictures were before the haircut…although it might have been really cute to the company.
    My sisters little girl cut her hair when she was about 3 years old. Whacked her bangs right off and proceeded to try and cut her older sisters hair. No idea why they feel the need to cut hair. I can’t say much though..I loved shaping up my own Barbie’s hairdos. Ha!


  6. It’s just hair?

    It took my daughter so long to grow any, if she had ever dared to cut it, I would have glued it right back on.

    I’ve been messing around with my eye-brows lately…


  7. Oh, my younger daughter did that when she was about two. I didn’t even realize it until I found the hair under the desk a couple of days later, then realized there was a chunk of bangs that were veeeeery short. I asked why she did it, and she said “The scissors were right there!” Of course!


  8. My little girl aka Tink, did this – she cut a huge chunk out at daycare right behind her ear. I had just told her about locks for love, and how we were going to keep growing her hair out so that we could give it to a little girl or boy who didn’t have any hair.

    So she cut her hair to give to her best friend Gracie because her hair was short.

    (I still cried.)


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