Urban adventure

Last night, I drove into Seattle to meet a friend who was passing through on her way to Vancouver, B.C.  We hadn’t met face-to-face before–she lives in New Jersey, within spitting distance of Manhattan.  She used some highfalutin technological GPS gadget thingamajig to find us a restaurant.  We ended up in a laquered black and red Thai place and despite my utter lack of experience with Thai food (unless you count that Thai sauce from Trader Joe’s), I enjoyed the meal.  More than that, I enjoyed the conversation.  It’s always pleasant to converse with someone who is talkative and in possession of strong opinions.

My Sister’s Keeper film

I had to walk to my car alone.  She offered to walk me there (basement of a parking garage!), but I said, “no, I’m fine,” and I was.  Lucky for me, no crazed urban rapist followed me or I would have had to do some extreme mom-karate moves, killing the guy with one well-placed kick.  I say “lucky” because I’m sure I would have pulled a muscle if I’d been forced to defend myself.

I didn’t get home until almost 11:00 p.m.  By then, I had to peel my contacts off my bloodshot eyeballs. 

But it was all worth it, even my exhaustion today.

Oh, but bad news. I have recently been informed that you’re only supposed to have one space after a period. This forces me to undo a habit I have had since that typing class I took in high school. Ack. My thumb believes two spaces are necessary at the end of a sentence. I do not think my brain is strong enough to foil the unconscious space-space of my thumb. 

Urban adventure

12 thoughts on “Urban adventure

  1. I type for an online transcription company, and although there are some rules I had to re-learn (or I never learned in the first place, lol), we still are required to space twice after periods at the end of sentences. Any other periods such as abbreviations or whatever are followed by only one space. It must be a whomever-is-in-charge-at-the-moment kind of thing.


  2. cathy says:

    i don’t think i can stop stop two spacing! i’m old and set in my ways. besides, it would be a hodge podge of one space, two space. then the OCD would set in and make me even nuttier than i already am!


  3. Oh, and just who told you to use only one space? And, just when did the rule change? IMHO, that is just patently wrong. If software wants to take away the space (as HTML does), then let it. I will still use 2 spaces.

    So there.

    I’m strongly opinionated on this point of reference.



  4. So why do I have to only use one space?? Does 2 look bad? Is it wasteful to have 2? Do I have to go on a “space” diet? Am I too spaced out? Is it My Space? Maybe I’m a space cadet and I need 2 spaces? Maybe the spaces can come together with braces? What if I need the space – and without a garage or basement, this is all I get??? (Ok, ok….sorry for getting so spacey on you…)

    Oh, and if you want to see the cicada invasin in Illinois, check out my blog – I have pictures!


  5. Beate says:

    Huh?? Two spaces look better! Not to mention, I’m constantly reminding my sis to use two spaces, and this would force me to admit I’m wrong!


  6. Ha, transcriptionist here too.. and as long as I’m paid on production they will have to drag me kicking and screaming to change my ways.


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