You didn’t ask, but here’s what I think

What have I been doing besides cursing Gmail?  Well, watching “American Idol,” of course. 

I’m also reading Peace Like a River which is hogging all my spare time.  And I’m busy fixing snacks for my daughter who asks for, but does not eat, a snack every fifteen minutes, including the meatloaf she rejected at dinnertime.  She wanted it right before bed . . . but did not eat it.  Tonight, I was reclined on my bed, reading and she came flopping in, asking me to get her water bottle downstairs.  I said, “No, I’m too tired!” and she said, “No, I’m more tired than you.”  (I won the argument, just so you know.)

By the way, I think Lisa Rinna seems like a lovely, if overly-perky woman, but whenever I see her on television (a lot lately, due to “Dancing with the Stars”), I cannot stop staring at her upper lip.  I know.  I am shallow and I should be half the beauty she is.  But still.  STOP WITH THE LIP ENHANCEMENTS, YOU HOLLYWOOD STARS!  (If her lips are natural, I extend my most sincere apologies for my judgmental attitude.)

Sometimes, I feel like the most ancient woman in the world . . . especially when I read other mothers asking “how do I make my toddler son stop hitting me?”  Really?  Seriously?  YOU JUST DO!  I fear for our society in which mothers can’t figure out how to make little ones obey.  Pick up the kid, shout “NO!”, deposit him in his room.  No fuss, no muss.  Rinse and repeat.  Or, if you are opposed to shouting, stand up, walk out of the room and ignore the little ankle-biter.  Just be consistent.  Geez.  Do not tolerate misbehavior.  Either I have turned into a curmudgeon or I am the victim of hormones.  I think it’s the former.  I’m also old and will not tolerate tomfoolery. 

That is all.  Carry on.  

18 thoughts on “You didn’t ask, but here’s what I think

  1. “tomfoolery” hee!

    I had a conversation tonight with my 19 yo daughter, who is a nanny for a 1 yr old. She was asking how to handle tantrums, and was afraid to let the baby hurl herself backward (as she’s beginning to do)because “she would hurt her head.” (Should note here: baby was not in her arms, but was standing on the ground, so the floor wasn’t all that far away.)

    Am I cruel? My advice, after raising 5 kids, was to let herself hurl away. The baby would figure out quickly it hurts when you do that. Ignore the tantrum, too.

    My daughter thinks I’m old fashioned and kind of mean. However…. she hasn’t hurled herself backward in lots of years due to my methods 🙂

    No tomfoolery in my house, either.


  2. Thank you for saying that! I’m tired of hearing the “but they just won’t listen to me” whines.

    We have to remember, we are the adults in the relationship… sheesh.

    Oh, and LR’s upper lip, bug’s the daylights out of me too. Who wants a lip that big?


  3. Ahhh!! I knew we’d agree on that…I cn’t understand why parents are strict with kids, especially when they misbeahve or throw a tantrum?? My parents were extremely loving, but would stand no nonsense, so we never (ok almost never) tried to get our way by throwing tantrums, or misbehaving in any way.

    PS I compleltely detest all people who get lip/breast enhancements, plastic surgery (for other than accidents). Why can’t they be happy with what God and Nature has bestowed on them?? What is that natural nose not good enough for YOU – you overpaid, talent-challenged movie/music/star??Humph”


  4. I’m with you sister, and I’m not even old! Er, older. Oh, scratch that. No tomfoolery over here either! (Well, there is, but if I SEE it, I take immediate action!) 😉


  5. Yep. Tell ’em no now while they are small and they learn to listen to you even when they are bigger. I teach the 9th Graders who no one disciplined as kids. Oddly enough they are the most unhappy, confused and well, (I don’t mean to be cruel, but) pathetic group of people I have ever met. Glad no one was “mean” to them all those years ago! (Heavy Sarcasm on that last line.)

    I love teaching and I care about my kids, but the enjoyable ones are fewer and farther between. I tremble for the fate of a nation run by these young people. Children need to be disciplined and taught responsibility. As Kathy said, “Let them hurl away!” They’ll learn.


  6. I’m from the same school as you. If they have trouble controlling toddlers, what are they going to do when they turn into 6′ 180 lb. teenagers?


  7. This is the second time today someone mentioned Peace Like A River. That’s all it takes for me. I just ordered it used from Amazon (it did get rave reviews).

    Couldn’t agree with you more on the kid thing. When people say they ‘just don’t know what to do’ about a toddler misbehaving my first question is, “How BIG is this kid, that you can’t take charge?”


  8. Old?? I looked in your ‘about me’ and it says you’re 42. That’s not old! Trust me. I was 42 five years ago and I still don’t feel old. I plan on being old when I’m about 90. That’s the age when my grandmother began to feel old.


  9. I used to babysit for a 3-going-on-25-year-old little boy who used to hit his mom when she’d come to pick him up because he wanted his dad to pick him up. She never said a word. Finally, I did. It was my house, after all. She was offended that I told him we didn’t hit people in my house and that meant he wasn’t going to hit his mom when he was at my house, and he never should hit his mom anyway. Yeah, that kid would be about 18 now. I wonder how THAT’S going.


  10. LOL! Before you know it you’ll be one of those little old ladies in the mall who have looks of disgust on their face when some poor mother tries to schlep her screaming toddlers to her car in the parking lot, praying, “Lord, please just get me out of here fast.” Okay, I might be projecting just the tiniest bit. 😉


  11. Oh, I love that book. I can always remember the name of it because I think of – Pees like a River. I know I’m horrible.

    I agree with the lip thing and the child hitting thing. Stop doing it and just do it.


  12. I’ve read Peace Like a River 2x and reccomend it to EVERYONE who asks for one.

    I too and old and hormonal and curmudgeonly (?) and most of all old fashioned in child rearing. Be the adult! That is what kids want from us in the first place. It confuses them when we are not.

    CSI’s Catherine Willows (Marg Hellenberger) is another lip enhancer. Give it up girl, you are too thin, have too many ‘enhancements’ and we would love you more if you aged gracefully.



  13. I personally take it as a compliment when my 6 and 4 yr olds say, “Mom, your mean!” I will turn and say “thank you that means I am doing my job.” I may only be 5’1″ but right now I am still bigger then them and one day, my boys will be over 6ft. Best to control now. “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.”


  14. Her lips are most definately, not natural. They are approaching supernatural. I didn’t know if she was stung in the face by a jellyfish or popped in the lip with a cast iron skillet, but it seems to have taken a life of its own.

    And I share your sentiment. Enough with the plastic surgery. Stop the insanity.


  15. I’m right there with you, Sista Mel.

    One day I’ll have to share the story of my oldest refusal to unload the dishwasher this week. My, that was a pretty one.

    WHO told you about the ” no more two spaces” thing? I can’t believe that!


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