Truth and consequences

My 14-year old twins chose an unwise action today and their father caught them.  (I’m sparing the details in deference to their privacy.  It’s probably not as bad as you’re thinking.)  After letting them explain themselves and excusing them from the room, their father turned to me and said, “Well, what shall we do?” and I said, “How about grounding for three days, no electronics, no friends.”  He nodded.

Then he called them back in and asked them what punishment they deserved.  They both suggested grounding for a whole week . . . not from electronics, but from friends.

Apparently, I am too lenient.

It’s going to be a long week.

Truth and consequences

6 thoughts on “Truth and consequences

  1. Oh boy! I always hated when my DH meted out the punishment because it always involved grounding and I was the one stuck at home with them! Especially when school was out. I feel for you!


  2. For what it’s worth, I’ve found that when the kids pick the punishment (especially when it’s more harsh as we would have chosen) they accept it better because they chose it and they also seem to learn more from it. Having said that, I also agree, grounding punishes mom more than anyone.


  3. Who really suffers if they can’t see their friends but can still use the electronics? Oh, the sacrifices. I once had to threaten to cancel a trip to Grandma’s because of an infranction followed by the expected denial. I knew in my mind that I would be the one who suffered for that (no date night.)!


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