Forty-five minutes at the beach


Mission accomplished.

Forty-five minutes at the beach

5 thoughts on “Forty-five minutes at the beach

  1. Fab wellies.
    I detest children staying the night. Allowed it once, when Dee was 9, and her friend had a severe anaphylactic reaction to Dee’s cat who sleeps in her bed. That’s the fastest I’ve ever driven in my entire life. Scary. I knew I was right to insist no all those years.
    You’re not the worst non-fun mummy. I am. Promise.
    Now I feel like a walk on the beach. What do you bet the tide is in?


  2. How absolutely cool! I am also jealous. I wish that I was a lot less than 15 hours from the ocean. *sigh* In fact, I have seen the Atlantic only twice in all of my 30-something-+ years.

    Keep up the neat stuff! 🙂


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