Anyone need to hide a corpse?

Because the boys’ hole is now big enough. 


Added to answer some questions:

When I asked one son awhile back, “Why?” he said, “Because we’re boys.”  That’s the clearest explanation they can give.  They have been unearthing big rocks, which seems to be the goal of the moment.

My husband couldn’t care less.  Our backyard is quite untamed and dominated by a giant Rainbow play structure and edged by overgrown laurel hedges.  (They kids play inside the hedges which are just beyond the hole.) 

The dirt has been spread down the little slope just below the hole and mounds up now on the sides of the hole.

I’m hoping they lose interest soon so I can refill it . . . but I can’t see a reason to make them stop.

Also, the in the picture, only one of those boys belongs to me.  The others are neighbors.

Anyone need to hide a corpse?

17 thoughts on “Anyone need to hide a corpse?

  1. You know… if the police don’t arrest a certain person (not naming names but she was stealing my daughter’s morphine)… then I just might have one for ya! lol!

    My hubby keeps telling me that we are pouring a concrete driveway next week… that would be a good hiding spot!

    We are soooo evil!


  2. that is so cool they have a place to do that. I’ll bet that other boys mom would NEVER let him dig in their yard. No matter how you think you are below par as a mom, in my opinion this one puts you right near the top!!


  3. What’s up with your kids and digging?

    I don’t have a head for business, but I see landscape architecture dynasty and some sort of clever word play on twins and shrubbery in their future.


  4. Marianne says:

    In the picture are they standing on your driveway or a piece of ply wood. If they are on plywood, I would be curious to see what is under it.
    Maybe they are making you a pond garden for mothers day. That could be why your husband could care less. Maybe it is a plan?????????


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