Gloomy Sunday Afternoon

It’s only 4:40 p.m., but night has crept in.  The gloomy skies are calm at the moment, but we’re told to expect raging winds and drenching rain.  Welcome to November.

(Down the street, some guy’s Christmas lights already shine in the night.)

My telephone just rang, but it wasn’t a political call.  My husband called from the church where he’s been since 7:30 a.m.  He’s preparing for a 6:00 p.m. meeting. 

I had no idea he’d be at the church all day–maybe he told me and the information slipped through my brain and fell onto the floor where someone kicked it under the table.  Who knows?  When he called an hour ago to let me know he’d just stay at church until his meeting ended, my fading hope of escape from my pleasant prison home evaporated.  (My daughter just chatted with him on the phone and told him it’s almost her bedtime.  The early darkness confuses her.)

I’m still telling myself with the petulance of a small child that maybe I can still go to a movie.  Or to buy some drain unclogging chemicals to treat our plugged-up shower.  Anything to get me out of this house before the door is nailed shut.

I look ahead to this week and feel suffocated and trapped–like an claustrophobic contemplating a long sit in a closet or a wild dance in a mosh pit.  My husband’s going out of town for three days, including Saturday (aka as Set Mel Free Day) and if you add in Judo on Monday and Wednesday, that leaves Tuesday night free. 

Look for me Tuesday out in public wandering the streets.

Oh, on a positive note:  only a half-day of school on Thursday and no school on Friday, so theoretically, I could take the children someplace on a pseudo-field trip and I would if I were Mother of the Year. 

But I’m not.  (I am, however, the reigning Lazy Mother of the Year, though.  My lucky, lucky kids!)  

[And just so you know:  yesterday, I spent three hours in the morning running errands . . . then I took my 8-year old to a birthday party.  After checking out the party-situation (a pool with two lifeguards and only party-goers in attendance), I went shopping for two hours.  See?  I’m just a big whiner.  It’s never enough, the time-off I have!  I want more!]

8 thoughts on “Gloomy Sunday Afternoon

  1. I have felt the same way a couple of times here lately….
    I hope that you get some kind of respite!
    Wishing you a blessed week ahead with some just you time!


  2. I know that trapped feeling. My husband is a minister, and he used to be full time when we lived in SC. He’d leave me all day and most of the night with Anna Marie on most weekends. He left before I did on Sunday mornings, so I had to get both of us ready. Then, he’d usually stay at the church all afternoon while the two of us were alone, until it was time to go to church again. And board meeting nights – forget about it. They began about 6:00 p.m. and usually last until 10:00 p.m.

    Here’s to hoping you get some relief!


  3. I spent my weekend in Spanaway Wa at a conference. Next time I get all the way to seattle I’m going to look up. Thatmay be this month yet. Maybe we can go out to lunch. I’ll help you escape your beautiful castle. Help may come to late but it will surely come! 🙂


  4. Until you get out, just repeat to yourself…
    I am happy, I am happy that I have a home, I am happy
    Put one of those “awesome job” smiles across your face
    All will be well


  5. The Girl has the flu, we have a weeks delay in the new payrole system at work so I can’t even go shopping for anything so we make it until Friday. And I spent last night waking up with sick child, who is still sick, and I’m waiting for her brother to get it next. I am staring down the barrel of a loong week myself, so I feel you.


  6. Hope you get some time to yourself soon. I have gotten so spoiled the last few weeks to being off and tomorrow is my last day of freedom before going back to work after my foot surgery. I am not looking forward to entering the work force again.


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