I already voted. Stop calling me.

P1010006_2.JPGThis picture does not illustrate my post, but aren’t they cute?

*  *  *

I brought home two refrigerator boxes for my kids to play with.  Last night, they built a hut out of a Papasan chair turned upside down and tonight they mentioned that they needed a way to make another room.  I thought of the refrigerator boxes I’d left at church when we didn’t need them for Vacation Bible School last summer.

So I went to church tonight to skulk around the storage room to retrieve the boxes.  They weren’t there, so I tried all the other nooks and crannies in search of them.  I ended up in the church garage and stood in one spot scanning in vain for the boxes.  Then, just as in a horror movie, I looked up and spotted the refrigerator boxes directly above my head, lurking like some monster in the rafters.

I’m a relatively tall girl, so I managed to finagle them down without breaking my neck.

My family room floor is now wall-to-wall cardboard and I can see that the weekend will be filled with flashlights and pillows and hiding spaces, which is a perfect way to spend a rainy weekend if you are a kid.

*  *  *

For the record, if I get another recorded political telephone call I may scream.  Why do politicians think they might influence my vote with a recorded telemarketing call?  I already voted anyway–in my district, we vote with absentee ballots.  So stop calling me!  I am also sick to death of political ads on television.  I can’t wait until the election is over.  At this point, I don’t even care about the outcome.  I just want the ads to stop. 

And with that, this comes to an abrupt end.  I am so happy the weekend is imminent, even though rain is destined to fall endlessly and I will spend two hours at a chlorine-scented birthday party.

14 thoughts on “I already voted. Stop calling me.

  1. Oooo. Building tunnels and forts out of the sitting room cushions was one of the best things of my childhood! If your parents have enough chairs with removeable cushions, which mine did, you can make great tunnels, with blankets over them to block out the light that tries to get through the cracks.

    Thanks for provoking a fun memory.


  2. Ahhhhhh…the rich blessing of having an unpublished phone number!! We get maybe 3 to 5 unwanted sales or political calls in an entire year, and usually when it’s numbers on a computerized list where the numbers go in sequence. For 75 cents per month, you can’t beat it! And the phone company will give it out to NO ONE!


  3. I need to remember to vote, somehow this election has seemed unusually unpleasant and I’ve tried to ignore it but I do need to jump in there on Tuesday. Good reminder.


  4. Well now I hope you’re going to post pictures of that! Some of my greatest memories were of playing in gigantic boxes!! Oh, and the whole election thing? I posted much the same on my blog a few days ago.


  5. We do not get too many big boxes around here to play with, but card tables, chairs, and bedsheets go a long way!

    We were out at my daughter’s basketball game this afternoon (gone about 3.5 hours) and came home to 6 political messages recorded on our answering machine. It was nice to just press delete, Delete, DELETE! I hear you. We cannot wait until Wednesday either. 🙂


  6. I am so SICK of political ads too! Amen to that!! Here in Biloxi we pick up TV from New Orleans, Pensacola and Mobile. So we are getting the ads from 3 states. It is about to make us all batty. It is giving us a break from half naked Victoria’s Secret models and maxi pad commercials though!!


  7. Hey mel! I just wanted to drop back into the world of blogging, and send you a link to my blog. It’s just my random rantings, but you’re the one who keeps me coming back to blogging lol.


  8. I am also tired of the political calls. We get several each and every day. I can not wait for Tuesday to pass.
    And the worst are the pre-recorded calls. Ugh. I don’t want to talk to a computer even more than I want to talk to someone else.
    Although one candidates wife called while we were eating. It would have been interesting to talk to her, but alas, I’d rather be dining with my family!


  9. I tried calling my parents tonight over and over. Finally when I called on my cell phone and the proper caller ID showed up I asked “why are you not answering your phone?” and they said, “we are tired of everyone calling us, telling us who to vote for”. So I said “Ok I am calling back on a land line, PICK UP THE PHONE.

    So I called on the land line, they said “Hello” and I said “Hi my name is ….. ….. and I am running for Mother of the year and I wanted to know if I have your support”.

    Hehehhe…could not resit. Especially since I lost that title about 2 hours after birth, oh well was nice while it lasted.


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