My Husband

And so yesterday afternoon, my husband telephones to tell me he has to fly to Houston right away.  I said, “What happened?”

The teenage daughter of one of his high school classmates died from cancer. 

He flew out this morning.  That’s the kind of man he is.  He’s the kind of person you want to be in the room when you get really bad news, the kind of person you call when you just don’t know what to do next.  He’ll give you anything he owns without thinking about how much it cost originally.  He picks up the phone to check on people and visits people right before they go into surgery to hold their hands and pray.

And sometimes, in the morning, while I’m still scowling at the very idea of being awake, he’ll say, “Tell me the truth.   Do you think I’m better looking today?”  He wakes up happy.  He’s a champion napper and a devoted football fan.  He makes me laugh and he thinks I’m quite amusing.

I’m happy to loan him out for three days, knowing that he will make a difference wherever he goes.  He will make the situation there, that terrible loss, a little better.  He knows the things to say and how to sit with people in their grief.

That’s what loss can do if you let it.  Loss can create a deep reserve of kindness and empathy and compassion.  My husband draws on that reserve and shares freely.

My heart goes out to his friend . . . I cannot even imagine that loss.  Pray for that family, if you are the praying type.  And hug your children tight.  

10 thoughts on “My Husband

  1. Hi! I found your journal via Weight Watchers (I think?!) and noticed that we’re both in the Pacific Northwest. I’m near Seattle on the Eastside. You?

    I’m so sorry to hear about your husband’s friend. My mom died of cancer two years ago and I can promise you that his presence means so much to the girl’s family!

    Your husband sounds like a gem!



  2. Hi there… Hug your husband tight too, Mel. My husband died unexpectedly a couple of months ago after an operation. Nothing can prepare you for that kind of loss. It is like being in a strange land, not speaking the language and having no guide book.Faith and my children are the only things getting me through the numbness.And you blog is a blessing. Thanks.


  3. I can’t imagine anything like that either, Mel. What a tragedy for that family, and I will definitely keep them all in my prayers. And pray for traveling mercies for your Dear Hubby, too.


  4. What a wonderful husband you have! It is nice to hear women giving the good shout out about their husbands instead of complaining about the things they do wrong.


  5. You are blessed. I have to say when I went into surgery last week, my pastor showed up at 6am (I have to laugh because he got to the hospital before hubby and I did) we are not morning people. But he was a nice comfort and helped the time pass (which helped me not to freak out as much).

    I will pray for that family. I can not imagine.


  6. I appreciated this post, because sometimes I get too wrapped up in myself and forget what a gift and talent my husband has for comforting people, and for just BEING there for them. Makes me want to share him a little more.


  7. You are so fortunate to have him. I feel very similarly about Cory, although his career is very different than what your husband does, they parallel eachother somewhat as well.


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