A Few More Answers

mrs darling Says:  I’ve often wondered how much you do as a pastors wife. Our pastors wife is so busy. She teaches Sunday school, children’s church, school, sings in the choir, sings in about 2 other special groups, cooks for seventy five seniors every Thursday right in the middle of her school day, is nursery director, teaches a Little Bear club on Sunday evenings and oh my I could go on and on. Do you do all of that stuff too? I guess I’m wondering how much does the role of a pastors wife color your every day life?”

I don’t do all that stuff.  My first priority is my family and since my kids are spread out, I’ve had someone younger than four around for thirteen years now.  So, I choose not to be gone a lot, doing church-work.  I am capable of playing the piano, leading worship, teaching classes, organizing events and all the rest, but I don’t.  I am not indispensable and so, when I don’t do everything, other people get the opportunity to serve. 

I organize and direct Vacation Bible School every summer.  I teach a preschool Sunday School class.  I used to sing in the choir and I occasionally play the piano and lead Sunday morning worship.  But that’s it.  Right now, I’m in a different season of life and I don’t do a lot at church. 

Mary Says: I hope I don’t step on your toes… But… Why do you let your daughter watch so much tv in the morning? Don’t you worry about her being up and unsupervised in the mornings? Or maybe someone else is already up with her?
Sorry, you SAID we could ask!

My daughter usually wakes up at 7 a.m.  She either has a bath immediately or watches t.v. until the rest of the family is up and moving.  Her bedroom is across the hall from mine and she has a small television in there, so I can hear her–plus, she comes into my room every ten minutes or so. 

Her brother gets up at 7:30 a.m. (my husband and I do, too) and leaves by 8 a.m.  So, for that one hour while everyone’s getting ready, she sometimes watches some t.v. . . . she is my child who is least interested in watching television, actually, so I often wish she’d just sit down and watch more.  She might watch a show later in the afternoon and usually watches half an hour before bed . . . I don’t think that’s very much television, but maybe it is compared to other people. 

On Saturday mornings, if I’m trying to sleep in, she does watch more television (if I’m lucky), but I don’t think that will turn her brain to jello.  And generally, while it’s on, she’s busy playing with her dollies, too.

Ginger Says: What Bible story disturbs/irks you the most, and why?

Tough question . . . probably the story of Abraham and Isaac.  I think I understand the point of the story, but it’s a difficult one for people unfamiliar with theology to comprehend.  The story makes God look irrational and cruel, although I believe He is neither. 

5 thoughts on “A Few More Answers

  1. I think thats good to keep boundaries like that. Our pastors family lives in a parsonage on the property and it seems like they dont get any family time at all. Your wise to have those boundaries.


  2. I want to know if you would vote for Bush again too! (I would not).

    And I often wish I had kids who would sit and watch TV. I mean, sometimes I pray, “Please, just let them sit for half an hour and watch TV”. Even my 11 yr old isn’t into TV. None of them are really, unless they are drop-dead tired.


  3. Knowing what I know now, would I still have voted for George Bush? Given the options? Yes.

    The story is not over yet. It’s easy for people to think they know the ending, but we just don’t know and I think it’s way too soon for judgments about the effectiveness of his presidency.


  4. Your church hired your husband, not you….right? Sometimes I think that needs to be said several times to a congregation so they don’t expect the pastor’s wife to fill every volunteer position available. I think pastor’s wives make such great sacrifices by giving up time with their husband so he can shepard his flock. Her time should be protected and guarded and people should be volunteering to help her.


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