Three Days To Go Until . . . I Spontaneously Combust?

You know how I’m blogging over at ClubMom?  Well, yesterday, after VBS and lunch, I sat down at the computer to check email and lo and behold, my email box was jammed with comments and email from The Amazing Shrinking Mom blog. 

I surfed over to check the stats on that blog and what?!  I’d had 7,800 hits overnight.  I spent the next two hours hunched over the keyboard answering email and comments and private messages sent through the ClubMom network.  By the end of the day, I’d had over 12,000 hits on that blog.

And a huge amount here, too. 

My husband kept saying, “Why?”  And I said, “Well, I must have been advertised somewhere.”  As it turns out, the folks at ClubMom sent an email to their members which featured my blog, among other things.

Today’s hits have been much higher than normal, too, and so has the amount of email. 

All that to say that I miss you, my fellow bloggers!  I’m not caught up on your lives, nor have I changed my Blogs in Focus, nor have I left any comments on any other blog in the past two days.  It’s kind of ironic because one reason I love blogging is the interaction with other bloggers, especially reading other blogs . . . and now that I’m experiencing a little blog-growth, I’m missing out on part of what I love.

For example, how much do I love The QC Report?  Or Dishpan Dribble?  Or Judy’s Anybody Home

I’ll tell you.  So much that I feel disconnected, unmoored, floating around in outer space because I don’t know how they are.  It’s like my phone has been disconnected and I’m out of touch, without a dial tone! 

 But soon–next week!–my life will slow down.  Fiesta! will be over.  My husband will be out of town for a week and I won’t be babysitting and I will catch up on my blog-reading.

Or die trying.

And now, another picture or two from Fiesta!


(My daughter, boycotting today’s Fiesta! and playing with a baby, instead.)


(How cute is this cactus?  My friend and I made it ourselves!)


(Do you love that parrot?  I stole borrowed it from my husband’s office.)

Okay.  One more.


All my brownie points in heaven for servant-hood have been cancelled out my pride over this foam-insulation-latex-painted village.  Pride cometh before destruction, you know.

17 thoughts on “Three Days To Go Until . . . I Spontaneously Combust?

  1. “All my brownie points in heaven for servant-hood have been cancelled out my pride over this foam-insulation-latex-painted village. Pride cometh before destruction, you know.”

    LOL! Now that is a classic line to remember… Oh, and I ate all my brownie points. They were sooo delish.

    Congrats on the hits, just don’t loose sight of us little people, please. We like saying “I knew her when…”


  2. We’ll wait for you mel. VBS is a hectic time I know. And that village is a true work of art. And you’re not experiencing pride you’re just rejoicing in a job well done. God, himself looked on his Creation and “behold it was very good”. So there ya have it.


  3. You will still get brownie points in Heaven for this. The effect that this VBS will have on little lives should cancel out the pride 🙂 And I’ve enjoyed getting to see the pictures. You and your friend SHOULD be proud of that cactus!


  4. Over 12,000 hits?!? Mercy, that makes my 500-800 a day seem mighty paltry in comparison, ha! I am SO thrilled for you, Mel…and don’t worry about visiting all of us. I dunno about anyone else, but I’ll be hanging around blogland for a long time yet, I’m thinkin’. I tried posting a comment on your Mom blog but it said Typepad’s temporarily unavailable so I’m going to let you know my weight loss motivation HERE…years ago, it was someone asking me a year after I’d had my last baby when the next one was due. Then it was Weight Watchers and yo-yo dieting for years ’til 1999. That was when my doctor told me if I didn’t get myself and my eating under control I wouldn’t live to see many more sunrises. Now, THAT is a true motivator, and it’s kept me pretty much on the straight & narrow ever since.


  5. Oh great. You get 12,000 hits on your weight loss blog on the day I post my pant size.


    Humiliation just might be the best motivater yet.


  6. I thought it was pretty cool when I got that email from ClubMom. It’s kinda like being in on a well-kept secret before the rest of the world discovers it. I can say I knew you before you were famous :o) Please feel free to not respond to my comments…I love your emails but hate adding to your stress!
    Love ya!


  7. I think your popularity is great and most deserved. Bask in it for a while. Enjoy it! You’ve worked hard to get yourself out there 🙂


  8. You do lovely work with God’s hands. His is the one that gave the gift to you, you only shine & beam from what he gave you, ability. I too would show off. {pats you on the back}


  9. We did “Fiesta” July 10th-14th! It was awesome! It keeps you so busy getting ready and planning and trying to cover everything but it is sooooo worth it! Can you tell i love it? Our kids all had a great time. It is so neat to see kids excited to learn about Jesus! Viva!


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