Shoes and Shoe: A Mystery

As you can see, her outfit the other day wasn’t really complete until she added the scarf and gloves. She’s peeking out from the overgrown laurel hedge where the children like to hide.






 And here is a close-up of those authentically tacky 1970s shoes, size 5.5. Don’t you wish you could wear them with tie-dye and bell-bottoms?  Or a short polyester dress and “suntan” pantyhose?

Finally, I have to ask: Is this your shoe? It’s not ours! I’d never seen it before yesterday, when I uncovered it in a pile of stuff on the stairs. 

Remember when I found a pair of socks that didn’t belong to us? I can imagine how a boy could forget his socks at someone’s house. But I am mystified picturing how a boy might have left one shoe here. Did he hobble out without realizing that one foot wore only a sock?  Did his parent not notice?  To whom does this shoe belong?

This is the mystery I ponder.

17 thoughts on “Shoes and Shoe: A Mystery

  1. Hmmmm…never came across any shoes that didn’t belong to us that I know of but, between Dear Hubby and also my son when he was still here at home, they each had so many pairs of shoes and boots that I couldn’t keep track of theirs, let alone anyone else’s. My son’s were kind of hard to miss, to tell the truth…he wears size 13’s and when he was 13 and his feet were that big we used to tell him he had aircraft carriers attached to the bottom of his legs, haha! He grew 6″ that year and finally caught up with his feet…he’s now 6’3″ and I don’t think I’d ever be brave enough to tease him about his super-sized feet again. 😉


  2. Ah, those pumps. Such elegance. Such style. So completely unbelievable that any adult would have worn them.

    Your daughter really pulls it off well, though… with flair.


  3. Hate to say it, but I miss all the crazy, colorful styles from the 70’s, those days were such fun!
    The shoes are hilarious, & your daughter is so stylish, my dear.


  4. Could your daughter pull together an outfit for me?

    I’m no good with color. She is.

    Quite possibly, did one of your boys grab someone else’s shoe when leaving the gym?


  5. And I thought that one shoe on the side of the highway was curious…and how do pairs of shoes somehow manage to wind themselves around powerlines?
    did someone go out for a run one morning and say “To hell with this!” and take them off and throw them angrily, only to be thworted when they wrap around the power lines? Ive seen more than one pair of shoes hanging from the wires in my home town.


  6. OMG! That shoe could totally be my son’s. Not because he has shoes like that, but because he really is the kind of kid who would hobble out of a friend’s house with only one shoe. Would you like to have him over? 😉


  7. okay, I read a book once, something about a drawer where lost things were found…your house is that drawer. So, have you found that $100 my DH once put in a plain envelope for safe keeping?


  8. had a friend’s kid who wore about a size 8 at least pants during the middle of winter put on my younger son’s size 3 pants. He couldn’t get them zipped up. I’m surprised he could even get in them. They looked like shorts other than looking like he stuffed himself in them and from the worn out knees at his midthighs. I asked him where did he get the pants, he said from his bag—I said nope, those are D’s. He started arguing w/me about it. He swore up and down they were his and he got them from his bag. I guess they must have “jumped” in there or something. I made him take them off anyway and showed him the size…”oops”

    This is also the same kid who just grabbed a toothbrush out of our bathroom and used when I told him to get HIS toothbrush (from his bag) and brush his teeth. I realized what he had done when I went to brush my teeth–should have been dry but nope wet and icky w/toothpaste not rinsed off. I told him that was the one that I use to scrub the toilets with..hehehehe (that was fun)

    Same one who “forgot” to turn off the water after he washed his hands and flooded our bathroom, ruining our sink cabinet along w/my makeup that was in one of the drawers. I don’t suppose the pee that I would find on the sides of the toilet, on the floor, etc that always shows up after he’s been here would belong to him either.

    I’m afraid my dh ticked off his mommy (probably by his reaction to the flooding incident?) and they haven’t asked if he could stay since (and we haven’t offered either–he’s also the most annoying child we have ever been around).


  9. Denise I will explain the mystery of the shoes wound around a power line. Someone does this on purpose, and for those in the know it’s a good way to find a drug dealer. I came to be in the know because I have some interesting/strange/questionable aquaintances. I don’t know what it means if you find one in your house though.


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