A while back, I was late dropping off a little boy for afternoon kindergarten. Because we were tardy, I had to walk him into the school office to sign him in. I waited behind a lady who was signing in her little girl.

When it was my turn to sign the roster, I noticed that the woman before me had written, “Fight over shoes,” in the Reason column.

I found that very amusing, probably because I have a girl and I can imagine fighting with her over shoes. (Though I am more likely to let her venture into public in crazy outfits because, really, why fight it?). With my boys, a more likely reason for tardiness would be “Couldn’t find shoes.” Even now, my almost 15-year olds constantly lose their shoes. I do not understand this. The only time I lost shoes was when I left behind my pointy-toed boots at a retreat center.

By the way, this errant shoe is still here in my storage room. I never figured out where it came from.

When vacuuming the heating vent near the front door, I found a toddler-sized sandal. I have no idea who it belonged to–probably us, many years ago. Some kid must have pulled up the grate and dumped the sandal inside.  Also?  Perhaps I should vacuum out the vents more than once every nine years.  But let’s not rush into anything.
Speaking of shoes, no one is allowed to wear them in the house anymore because we just had our carpets cleaned and I am trying to prolong the cleanliness as long as possible. Wish me luck.

9 thoughts on “Shoes

  1. That is hilarious! I remember having a knock-down drag-out with my oldest daughter when she was about 3. She left the house in tears and I just decided it wasn’t worth the fight.

    I have 2 “big” boys (7 and 5) and they lose their shoes all the time, too! My 5-year-old went to church in his tennis shoes for 2 weeks ’cause I couldn’t put my hands on his dress shoes. Sheesh!


  2. I found my high school gym shoes at my mom’s last weekend…no idea why I didn’t see them over 10 years ago when I went thru stuff. Its like socks that suddenly disappear in the wash. Our neighbor has a beautiful sign when you walk in their front door that says “please take off your shoes because you don’t make the house payments” Its adorned with flowers and such. How nice. Right?


  3. If my boy misplaced his shoes, we could find them NO problem.
    They would be laying under the circling buzzards.
    I keep the un matched socks and believe it or not every once in a while one will show up and ta-dah we have a pair!
    Good luck with the carpet


  4. Good luck Mel! My almost-13 year old loses her shoes constantly. My 4.5 year old always wants to wear inappropriate shoes like sandals when there is snow out.


  5. I can’t believe how many one-of-a-kind shoes I found when I cleared out the front closet, after the summer. Freaky! I think I tend ot hang on to the ‘one-sys’ thinking the match will show up. (They never do! They are like those odd socks in the dryer…who knows where the mate went?!!)


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