Rain, Rain, Glorious Rain

Remember how just a couple of days ago I was wishing it would rain? Well, I have super powers! I woke to the sound of the early-morning rain. Raining, pouring–and still early enough for me to plump my pillow, roll over and doze longer. I love that. Sleeping to the sound of rain is sweet.

The rain let up by the time I got up, though. And it was just cloudy all day. Then this afternoon, dark clouds suddenly moved in and rain, rain, rain!

We live in the damp Pacific Northwest, but you’d think we live in the desert if you judged my children’s reaction to this downpour. All three boys came running outside. Adam literally danced in the rain, swinging his arms and stomping his feet like a drunken street person dancing to an internal polka. Zach pranced around with a broken umbrella and then stood in the waterfall that shoots from the corner of the roof where the drainage pipe broke. Shane, ever industrious, gathered wagons and buckets to catch the precious rainfall. He stashed all this rainwater behind the little playhouse for use on a not-so-rainy day.

Grace watched all this activity with fascination and then demanded an umbrella of her own. Then she stomped in the newly created mud puddles on the lawn.

Now that I know what wishing powers I have, I shall guard my gift with great care. (I wish I had a million dollars.)

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