Buried alive

Minnesota nearly broke the record for the snowiest winter ever. The snowbanks by my driveway were three feet deep last week. Now, the sun has shone and it’s been above freezing and the melt has begun. The snow is glossy from melting and freezing overnight. It’s still knee high in most places but distressed grass has emerged along the edges of the roads.

Even the natives are restless here, complaining about the weather and longing for spring. I’m scared, though, that we are going to skip directly from winter to summer and summer here is hot, muggy and buggy. Not that I’m complaining. Well, actually, I am not complaining yet, but I will be when it’s hot and muggy and buggy.

I’ve been working fifty hours a week since Halloween when I jumped ship from one job and accepted another job near my house on the theory that I would regain my life if I were working so close to my house. This has backfired because I’m still working two days a week at the old job and so now, I have less free time than ever. In fact, the only reason I’m typing away at this neglected blog is because I sat down to my computer to gather my tax paperwork because I have yet to file our taxes. (And I have now located everything I need to file except for my W-2 from my new job which will have to be printed out at work Monday.)

Tomorrow I work at both jobs.

Sunday is Easter and it belatedly occurred to me that I will need to cook Sunday lunch for the family. Usually, my husband I just go out to eat on Sundays.

In a week, one of my twins is coming home for his thirtieth birthday celebration with his twin brother. He flies in on Friday, celebrates on Saturday and flies home on Sunday. This will be a very busy weekend as well.

Why is my life so busy? Aren’t I supposed to be slowing down?

I wanted to say more but I can’t remember what it was.

So, goodbye. For now.

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