Winter Wonderland

I drove home last night in the snow at 10 PM after a 14-hour shift. The freeway was almost deserted–I saw one vehicle way behind me in my rear-view mirror but it took miles and miles to catch up with me. In the meantime, I drove alone on the snow-covered road with no idea where the lines were. The reflectors on each side of the road gave me some idea that I was on the right track. The snow came down steadily. It wasn’t even that deep but deep enough to obscure the roadway.

When the vehicle finally passed me, it left me in a cloud of snow, blind.

A few minutes later, a semi-truck barreled up behind me and passed me, blowing an even bigger cloud of snow. I was just exiting and slowed to a crawl because I could not tell for sure where the road was.

(Last year’s snow!)

So, that was fun. (Today after church, I came home and immediately started shoveling the driveway. I mean, do I know how to have fun or what?)

I spent my afternoon today sitting on my office floor wrapping Christmas gifts. It would have been easier to stand at the kitchen island, but I needed privacy. Plus, I didn’t want to move my operation to another room. So, the floor it was.

I’m not exactly ready for Christmas, but I’m on my way. I have to be strategic and careful because I’m working so many hours. (Sixty-eight next week? Or was that last week? Or both? I’m not sure but I’m doing little else these days besides working.)

It looks like we’ll have a white Christmas after all. I was starting to wonder.

To those three of you still reading after all these years (!), hope you’re enjoying the holiday season.

14 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland

  1. That was a scary drive. We are white this morning. It was our first morning for our snow contractor to do his thing. It will rain later, so I don’t know if it will stick. There was enough of it, so it could be the snow that leads to cover until March. We shall see.


  2. I’m still reading, Mel. Also a transplanted Southern Californian to a snowy place. In my case we left Covina in 1992 and moved to St. George, UT. Some snow, but usually just a fun snowfall or two each winter (one year there was a huge storm, though). Lived there 27 years, lost a son and a husband, and moved to SLC, UT 2 1/2 years ago to be nearer the remaining 2 sons and daughters-in-law.
    I hate driving in snow, but I’m learning to accept it. Your ride home was harrowing; I had one similar in (Google says 2003, but it CAN’T be that long ago!) that huge storm in St. George. I thought I’d never make it, though everyone else was sailing along like a May morning.


  3. I’m still reading! I’ve lived in Michigan all my life, and believe me, no one EVER gets used to driving in snowy weather. Today, your weather blows in. The wind has just picked up, and the snow is beginning to fly. And since we’ve no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…


    1. I really don’t mind unless it’s ice on the roads . . . it’s just weather, right? 🙂 (We’ve been internet friends for so long that I knew you before you had a single grandchild – isn’t that crazy!?)


  4. It seems you have (at least) five readers:) I envy your snow. We are setting records in Colorado with well over 200 days without snow in the Denver area. Today, the temperature is cold, so there’s that. It’s been in the 60s and 70s.
    Send snow!


  5. I’m sticking with you and I’m always happy to see a post when I drop by. My blog languishes but that doesn’t mean I’ve given up on it. Since the pandemic began almost two – TWO!! – years ago I’ve been treading water and feeling like doing a whole lot of nothin’. I WANT to write but my brain is on overload. I’ve lost a brother, lost the rest of my family due to my Christianity and politics. I’ve also been struggling over a very traumatic revelation of skeletons in the family closet that have just devastated me. Ah, well. At least we’re still here. There is that.


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