A little update

I’m sick. The last time I was ill was in February 2020 when I returned from a quick trip to Orlando, Florida, where my husband and I visited Walt Disney World. I believe I had Covid then (as everyone who was sick in February 2020 does) because I was so sick for two weeks, coughing as if I had turned into a professional cougher.

And then Covid shut-downs started and we all became extraordinary hand-washers and social-distancers. How could you even get sick when you weren’t close to anyone at all? I didn’t even have a sniffle eight months.

My husband, however, managed to come down with a cold (that’s what we think it was) last week and within three days, I felt that telltale scratchy throat while finishing up my shift at work Saturday night.

I KNOW. There’s nothing more boring that hearing someone talk about their illness, so pardon me.


We’ve had shelving put up in our house so I am finally unpacking books and clearing up the piles of stuff. I’ll have to get rid of stuff since I plan to stay here forever and I know my kids don’t want any of my stuff and this house can only accommodate so much stuff. I can’t wait until my leisure time will actually have space for leisure. As it is, any free time I have is spent frantically cleaning and unpacking and organizing. (It’s like Groundhog Day for the past year.)

Today, for instance–even though I am sick (headache, body aches, no fever)–I assembled a 5 foot bookshelf and a nightstand. I did two loads of laundry and unpacked eight or nine boxes in the basement and put books and games on the shelves. I really know how to rest when I’m sick. Tomorrow I’m scheduled to be off anyway and I’ll have to call my manager and answer questions about my illness. If I’m suspected of having The Virus, I will be put on a 14 day leave.


We had snow already–a week or two ago?–but this week is supposed to be warmer and sunny. Since I’m working retail, it really feels like Christmas already to me. They are talking about getting Spring merchandise in the store already. Christmas music started playing two weeks ago. It’s very disorienting.

Well, that’s it for now.

p.s. I was diagnosed with COVID. I never had a fever. My symptoms included: headache, scratchy throat, mild cough, extreme fatigue and I lost my sense of smell for about a week. After 10 days, I went back to work.

One thought on “A little update

  1. Sorry to hear you are sick. I too was sick the end of January and not sure if it was Covid or not. I had double pneumonia and it took me months to recover. Whatever it was it didn’t kill me…all in God’s plan! Just take care of yourself and don’t work…yeah that is easy for mom’s/wives to say and not do.
    I don’t envy unpacking from a move! Yuck!!! I retired the end of last year (74) i think it was time. I have really downsize and gotten rid of a bunch of junk! I too don’t want to burden my kids with my stuff. I find the biggest amount of stuff is in the kitchen but I still cook so …too bad kids that room is still full of stuff haha
    Enjoy November…thankful for all our blessings! Hope you will have all your kids home to enjoy Thanksgiving time.


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