One week countdown

I have fifteen minutes before the Costco entree in the oven is done baking.

Today was my last trip to my local Costco because in seven days the moving truck will be here and no one needs to haul 25 pounds of flour across the country. But I did need coffee to leave with my daughter and snacks for the roadtrip and a few things for a little get-together I’m hosting to say goodbye to some of my colleagues. Plus, prescriptions. That, actually, was the main thing.

The Saturday before you move may be the best time and place to throw a party because there is no expectation of a picture-perfect house when most of your furniture is gone and most of your household is packed. I’m going to give them items from my pantry and unused hair products from my bathroom as party favors.

Today I moved my second oldest son into a room he’s renting near San Diego. He’ll be attending SDSU online and in person. If he’d had even one more bin of belongings it wouldn’t have fit into the room. As it is, he’ll be cozy with a full size bed, armoire, wooden desk and 88-key electric piano. He literally has to sit on his bed to play the piano.

Anyway, the back of my CR-V was full and his girlfriend hauled the piano and desk chair in the back of her truck. Tomorrow, he is accompanying his twin brother to Minnesota and will be staying a week before flying home to San Diego and back to his rented room. His twin will stay in Minnesota without him which will be quite an adjustment for these two who have been together either in the same womb or room since conception.

So tomorrow, I’m delivering them to the airport.

Then I will come back and pack up their room.

Also, tomorrow is my favorite day of the week . . . TRASH DAY. Glory be!

You are definitely an adult when you are thrilled about Trash Day.

I’m not sure if I should feel more panicked about this whole situation. I have done an awful lot of packing. My house looks tragic and full of boxes but empty of furniture.

And now dinner is ready!

7 thoughts on “One week countdown

  1. This too will pass…on to the next adventure of your life. I am looking forward to some new great post and picture of Minnesota! Praying for all your needs.


  2. I wish everyone smooth passages. It’s hard to believe your daughter is old enough to leave behind?! I think she was two when I started reading your blog. My goodness.


  3. I’ve been reading your blog forever-I pop in once in awhile these days. I live in the Twin Cities and was tickled to see you were moving here, until I had the panicked concern you didn’t know how cold it gets!! Now, I’m just worried for you! I hope you’re ok.
    PS I can say the states in alphabetical order, too.


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