The continuing saga of “what day is this?”

I had to drive my son to work at noon, so afterward I drove toward the beach to see what I could see. It’s in the sixties and sunny here in San Diego county.

Carlsbad was busy, lots of people walking and driving and bicycling. A police car was parked on the sidewalk to enforce the closure of the beach and seawall, but a little farther down the beach becomes a state beach, not a city beach and as far as I could tell, it was open. Available parking spaces were few and far between.

Scattered people walked along the top of the bluff and a few surfers were catching waves but I only saw two or three people actually on the beach. So I walked along in the surf, eyes down to avoid stepping on rocks. The rhythm of the waves is so soothing and almost makes one forget that it’s the end of the world as we know it.

After finishing my loop (along the bluff, down to the beach, up the bluff and to my car) I drove home and tried to relax. But when I rinsed my feet in the backyard hose, I was reminded that the succulents really needed attention and if I didn’t do that today, it’d be another four days before I have free time.

So that explains why I have dirt under my fingernails and sweat on my brow.

It’s only 4:20 PM and I’m not cooking dinner, so I intend to actually relax, maybe watch something on television, but more likely pick up the book I’m reading (Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid).

Tomorrow I’ll be back at work at 6 AM, feeling normal and abnormal but mostly just tired and wondering what’s next.

Weekend (whatever) accomplishments:

  • Sorted, purge and set up Easter decorations;
  • Baked muffins, chocolate banana bread, bread in my machine;
  • Cooked potato soup (last night), hamburgers and baked potatoes the night before;
  • Vacuumed, laundered clothes, cleaned kitchen (repeatedly), shopped at Costco and Albertsons and Grocery Outlet but still could not find any paper towels or liquid hand soap;
  • Sorted through a gigantic four-drawer file cabinet. Why do I have so many papers? I don’t want to keep any papers I don’t need. But do I need this one? Or that one?
  • Wrote this blog post. Clearly I’m out of blogging practice because I’m just listing the stuff I did.

The end.

3 thoughts on “The continuing saga of “what day is this?”

  1. Here in the Midwest finally getting some warmer weather. I cleaned the patio…that was enough work ha haTake care and stay safe šŸ™Vivian

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  2. That photo!

    I had to think hard this morning about what day it is. The markers such as family dinners and coffee dates are gone.


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