Let’s start the new year with a boring blog post, shall we?

Today, I undecorated my house.

I also decided that since I was putting my Christmas dishes away, it would be a great time to declutter the cabinet where I keep them and then, just for good measure, rearrange the living room furniture.

I finally sat down after (mostly) accomplishing those projects at 7 PM.

(My dog, Lola, is sitting at my elbow, trying to get me to make eye contact with her.  She thinks that we ought to just hug it out but I am avoiding her gaze because it’s never enough with her. No amount of petting will satisfy her.)

(She just gave up and is lying down now.)

I am reading Before the Fall, so I retreated to my bed to read for a couple of hours before taking an accidental nap. So I’m pretty much awake now that it’s time to go to sleep.  Story of my life.

My outside Christmas lights are still burning bright. Tomorrow I’ll have to take those down but first, I’ll have to get a storage container since they are all new this year–and I’ll have to find a spot to stash stuff in the garage.  It’s always something, right?

(The dog has redoubled her efforts at making eye contact with me.)

Also, I found the missing Christmas stocking while cleaning out the cabinet where I stashed an untidy stack of never-used tablecloths. I knew it would turn up sooner or later, and sure enough, it did, just in time to be packed away for next year so now I have eight Christmas stockings and I sure hope that doesn’t mean I’m adding another person to my household by then because, no.  Enough.

You can never pet me enough to make me happy. Beware.

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