Fifteen things

My youngest child turned 15 today.  So here are fifteen things to commemorate being in labor and giving birth (it’s all about me after all):

  1.  On Friday, I took my daughter and her friend (who happen to share a birthday, though the friend is a year younger) to Disneyland. We stayed overnight in a hotel which made the experience more fun and special.
  2. On Friday, as I was trying to leave my house, the guy who mows my lawn let me know that they accidentally broke a window.
  3. The “window” was actually the outer pane on my sliding glass door.  It’s shattered into a million pieces, give or take a hundred thousand.
  4. One of my sons appears to have flea bites on his ankles.
  5. It’s always something, isn’t it?
  6. The summer weather has intensified and in response, my neglected air conditioner seems to have given up though it still seems to be faintly blowing cold air.
  7. Why do things break on the weekends?
  8. I saw “Dunkirk” today.  I was mostly confused, wondering “who is that guy?  is that guy also that other guy?”
  9. Last week we took the train to downtown San Diego and watched (sort of) a major league baseball game from box seats.  (Is that what they are called?)
  10. I am surrounded by stacks of books but cannot decide what to read next.
  11. My 19-year old son is recovering from a strange bout of vertigo that affected him for over a week
  12. As I mentioned, it’s always something, right?
  13. My husband’s iPhone battery died so he paid $85 to have it replace.
  14. The next day, he dropped it and shattered the screen–for the first time ever.
  15. Today, he paid $100 to replace the screen.  See #5 and #12.


3 thoughts on “Fifteen things

  1. Life….full of those unexpected surprises!! I am amazed that I have any sanity left! Thank you LORD Jesus for the peace that surpasses understanding in a fallen world.
    May today be less “surprise-filled”– except the good kind, like when your kids hangout together “just-for-fun” and don’t fight, but actually seek each other out!!😊 Saw that last night in my 90F house at 11pm. (We don’t use AC due to the expense) I thanked and praised God for the many blessings right then.❤


  2. I chuckled about you staying overnight in a hotel seeing how I had just read what a horrible mom you are supposed to be! Terrible moms always take their kids to Disneyland and stay over in hotels just to show how terrible they are.

    I sympathize on what to read next. We have a thousand books and I still go to the library to find something to read. We’re never happy are we?

    As someone who has suffered intensely with vertigo, there is a exercise to help reset the whatchamacllit in your eyes. It has you twisting into a ridiculous position but helped me immensely! Here is a link, just in case this is what your sons has.

    You pop into my head every once in awhile and I come over to visit your page. It is always nice visiting with you!

    Ouida Gabriel


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