Christmas in July

My eighty-something in-laws are due to arrive at about noon tomorrow.  They are staying for a couple of nights before they drive home to Texas in their pick-up truck.  I still need to clean out my fridge, run to Costco to buy some food (primarily, a roast for Sunday dinner), wash the sheets and remake the bed, and clean up the kitchen.

I’m procrastinating by staying awake which is dumb.

Speaking of procrastination, I have decided to send out my tardy Christmas cards/letters now that it’s July.  I was going to send them in May or June but then someone pointed out that Christmas in July would be fun (and funny) and I agreed.  So, wish me luck.  I have thirty days to get them in the mail.

With that, I better sign off and get myself to bed.  It’s almost 2 AM and I need to be on the dusty trails, walking for an hour, in about seven hours.

One thought on “Christmas in July

  1. My in-laws are coming in a couple weeks (and bringing Jeff’s sister and four kids!) so that’s all I think about lately (yes thankful for Costco!!!) Lovely photo, by the way! I always enjoy your captures!



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