Breathe, just breathe

Summer has arrived but it’s only February, so that’s a problem.  Actually, it’s supposed to cool down back into the 70s and even 60s, so what am I complaining about?

Time is doing that thing where every time I surface I realize a week has passed and that summer really will be here in a second and then it will be Christmas and oh, did I mention that my son is turning eighteen in nine days and then then he’s going to graduate in June and leave for college?

In the meantime, my daughter is ill with some kind of headache and stomachache thing and yet I still have to drive carpool tomorrow (early release!) and I have a stack of paperwork to remind me of phone calls I must make.  Let’s not even talk about the emails I need to return.

I am stressed out.

Last week my husband was out of town and I had such unrealistic expectations for all the things I’d do while he was gone, including, but not limited to: 1) cleaning out the garage 2) filing taxes and 3) clean out my closet.

Ha ha.  When he’s gone, I have even more to do.  Let’s just say my garage, closet and taxes remain undone.

Well, that’s all for now.  I keep yawning so big that my eyes water.


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