Sunset, moonrise

Sunday night I hurried to the beach to see the sunset. We’ve had extremely hot weather and occasional clouds lately. The clouds can turn a ho-hum sunset into a breathtaking one or they can blot it out entirely.

I live just far enough from the beach that there’s really no way to know how the sunset will be without driving the fifteen minutes.

So I drove to the beach with the hopes of capturing a brilliant sunset and it was okay. Not exciting at all. It was still nice to be at the beach, to hear the waves breaking. A bride and groom were getting photos taken just after the sun went down.

Then I turned around and caught a glimpse of a low-hanging sliver of the moon and realized I was seeing the lunar eclipse of the Supermoon. I only have an iPhone, so trying to take photos was pointless, but I did stand with other moonstruck beachgoers and watch the moon hanging in the fading sky.

And now we won’t see that phenomenon for decades. Maybe by then I’ll have a decent camera that can photograph the moon. And if not, I’ll just have to “memorize it with my eyes” as my daughter has so often recommended.

4 thoughts on “Sunset, moonrise

  1. So was there supposed to be a photo in the space above your comments, or was that just a teaser?

    We were both standing out there, facing the same direction – just many miles between us. Amazing sights our little eyes are able to see.

    So glad you take the time to hopefully see spectacular sunsets. Seeing something old, yet always fresh, different, and new – is one of life’s simple pleasures.


  2. So, just now, I opened this up again – and your picture is there. Magnificent. You always get a bird to be a part of your picture – and this one is no exception. Don’t know this point – the hill in the foreground – guess I’ll have to come check out all the sites along the beach there.

    As always, beautiful. Thanks for taking time to drive to see the sunsets, and then for sharing. How nice of you.


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