When you stop long enough, it’s hard to catch up.  The train has long since left the station and it takes extra effort to sprint down the tracks and jump on board.  Who has the energy?

That’s why I have been silent here.  I stopped writing long enough to lose the rhythm.  So tonight, I jump back in with a stilted update.  (For all two and a half of my regular readers.)

In a few days, I’m taking a trip with my daughter to our old home state.  We are looking forward to the experience for a bunch of reasons, including but not limited to seeing our old house, getting our hair done by our former stylist, visiting Mt. Rainier, seeing family and friends and (for me) eating at Taco Time.  I’m also looking forward to cool nights.

But, of course, to get ready for a trip–especially when we are leaving behind more than half the family–a lot of preparation is required.  I want to get the laundry caught up and the fridge cleaned out and the trash taken out.  Et cetera.  I need to clean the guinea pig cage and get kitty litter.

And because life gets all jumbled up sometimes, we are having company over on Sunday afternoon.  This explains the carpet cleaner and picture hanging and lists of food to prepare.  I have a lot to do.  I’m already sweaty just thinking about it.

Crowd in my son’s haircut and job interview . . . transportation to another son’s job . . . soccer practices and the fact that my son starts his senior year while we are still gone (WHO WILL TAKE THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL PHOTO?!) . . . it’s just a lot to consider.  I’d like to consider just taking a nap, really.

I’ve spent the last couple of days trying to arrange coverage for my own job responsibilities.

I need a pedicure.

By the way, don’t you hate it when you run out of checks?  I use them so infrequently that I thought they’d never run out.  But they did.

So there.  We’re all caught up and forgiven for the silence.  And now, let’s try to keep up, shall we?


4 thoughts on “Lagging

  1. i would love to have a “real” vacation. I have plenty of vacation but use it to go home and see my wonderful father (89). I know someday i will want to go visit and he will be home in heaven…but there are times when i sigh and say I want to go to the beach haha!
    I know heaven has to be better than the beach…so i am looking forward to “home” as well.
    have a great, safe and fun trip…don’t forget the pictures!


  2. Am so glad I continued checking here – just in case you had written. Thanks for not making all my trips in vain.

    School starts early there! Not that I would know anything about such things. But still – his summer will soon be over.

    You are so organized – I, too, have company coming. Guess I should think about cleaning – or getting food in the house for company – I’ll think about it. No picture hanging, though. It hasn’t been done in three years, so why even consider doing that now!

    Your family will miss you – you really deserve some time away, though. They might even surprise you and have the dishes done when you return. Don’t even think about having the pantry restocked, though. That would be too much.

    Thanks for writing. I have missed reading your writings, even though I totally get that your 24 hour days do not have time for writing. But thanks. Looking forward to seeing you.


  3. Glad you’re back! I, however, am still absent. It’s actually my M.O. these days. It’s only difficult when I’m absent from cognitive thinking, which is usually. Other than that I’m sort of enjoying the lack of responsibility that absence brings! LOL


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