Setting sun, rising moon

Tonight, I missed the sunset.

Well, that’s not entirely true.  I did glance over toward the west as I drove my daughter to school for an event.  The sun was low in the sky, hovering just above the horizon.

But then I had to make a left turn and the sun slid out of sight.  I dropped off my daughter and headed to the pet store with Lola the Dog.  She hasn’t had a bath since October and since I had an hour to kill before picking up my daughter, dog bath time it was.

After the bath, we headed back to the school and then I saw it.

The moon. 

(Just now, while checking to see if the moon was actually an official “Full Moon” tonight, I discovered that it was actually a “micromoon”, a smaller-appearing moon than usual because . . . of some scientific stuff.) 

A check of social media, though, showed people posting photos of tonight’s moon.  I tried, myself, to take a photo at a stoplight with my cell phone.  (I deleted those blurry results.)  It was a beautiful sight.  I hope you looked up and saw it,  if you could. 

So I missed the sun setting but saw the moon rising as I drove east to pick up my daughter. 

And now, in lieu of a conclusion, here’s the selfie my daughter took while I was driving instead of standing on the beach, waiting to watch the sun set.  

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