Here are a few of my least favorite things:

1)  Missing the sunset, especially when I hear later that it was spectacular.

2)  Not knowing what an acronym stands for.

3)  Raw tomatoes.

4)  Stopping at red lights when I’m in a hurry.  (Basically, all the time, in other words.)

5)  Thinking up a plan for dinner and then executing that plan.

6)  Forgetting some thought I had earlier in the day that I was convinced I could remember without writing it down.

7)  Hangnails.

8)  Car trouble.

9)  OVERFLOWING TOILETS and subsequent leaky ceilings.

10)  Uncertainty.

11)  Taxes.  Paying them, filling out the forms and filing them.

12)  Problems without clear solutions.

13)  Having to pay money to fix dumb problems.  (See:  Overflowing toilet; leaky ceiling.)


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