In the shadows

Tonight was our church’s Christmas concert.  Usually, we don’t have an evening service on Sunday nights.  And tonight, I really didn’t want to go because I’d had to work a four hour shift this afternoon and after the service I was scheduled to work my usual four hour Sunday night shift.

But I gathered 75% of my children and off we went, arriving only five minutes late.  (I cannot manage to get anywhere on time if my kids are involved. Some things never change.)

What I want to remember is that moment I looked down from the balcony and saw children dancing in the shadows of the darkened sanctuary while the choirs sang in the spotlight.  The sight of the children twirling with unbridled joy to the music brought tears to my eyes.  (Why?  Is it my advanced age?)

And then the children’s choir sang and I had to dig my tissues from my purse.

Christmas joy.

3 thoughts on “In the shadows

  1. my church has Sunday night service…in the winter, I don’t go…it is too cold to be out.
    we had our Christmas program this weekend…it was really nice.
    Tears are so special…enjoy the emotions.


  2. It isn’t Christmas until I see someone I am related to singing in a Christmas program.

    That, and those same three cookies you mentioned above.

    Truly, we MUST be related.


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