Catching up

Well, time flies. That is a persistent truth I keep bumping up against. How has a week gone by without a post?

Here are things on my mind:

  • My heel pain. My self-diagnosed plantar fasciitis has morphed into Achilles tendon pain (again). I am limping and riveted by this pain. Ouch.
  • I can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week. I need to plan a menu and buy some food.
  • The weather has cooled down and it’s lovely. I was hot since May, so it’s nice to be chilly.
  • My mom came for a visit but has detoured to Palm Springs to stay with my aunt for a few days.
  • My son’s high school play has two more performances and then it’s over. It’s been a long two months of rehearsals and preparation. Next week he has a whole week off school for Thanksgiving break and is scheduled to work 30 hours at Legoland.
  • Did I mention that my heel hurts up the back of my leg?
  • Last week, I saw the sunset at the beach five times, I think.  It was glorious.  It never gets old for me, seeing the sky at the beach as the sun slides beyond the horizon.
  • I dropped my iPhone 4 about a month ago and cracked the screen. My replacement phone is due to arrive on Friday and I am beyond excited. It’s a bigger, better iPhone and I am looking forward to no longer running out of room when I take three hundred photos of the same sunset and stuff like this:
  • DSC08510

One thought on “Catching up

  1. Yiz gotta get yerself some orthotics. The downside is that you will be stuck with sensible shoes in order to fit them in. Actually, you need to get diagnosed first b/c that leg pain doesn’t seem to fit PF in my experience, which is quite long-standing. 😦


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