A note before sleep

This photo has nothing to do with this post. But I like it anyway. I took it last week.

I am really sleepy.  Giant yawns, slow blinks, already regretting that I have to wake up in the morning way before 9 AM.

This day began with solving the problem of the dead van.  I telephoned AAA to reinstate our service so we could request a service call.  After the tow-truck was confirmed to be on the way, my husband went outside and discovered that the van had made a miraculously overnight recovery and started without hesitation.

So he drove it to the repair shop.  Supposedly, it will be ready to be picked up in the morning, which is why I have to get out of bed all too early.

Oh.  And did I mention that I had previously agreed to pick up the carpool kids today after school?  The problem is that our car is too small for five kids and the van was at the shop.  A church lady agreed to come to our rescue and drove me in her van to pick up the kids.  All’s well that ends well, as they say.  (Do they say?  I don’t know.)

(As it turned out, I never did find my old AAA card, but I did find seven lip glosses and/or lip balms in an unused purse.  I disapprove of my continuing quest for a good gloss/lipstick or balm.)

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