This is my week to drive carpool.  I pick up five middle schoolers from school and deliver them to their homes.

Today, one of the girls said the words, “Rainbow sheep!” and somehow, that became an incredibly funny thing for them all to yell out the open windows at pedestrians.  (One of the kids:  “Pedestrians is a fancy word.”  Another kid:  “Well, it’s just another way to say ‘person walking down the street’.”)

After dropping them all off, I took Grace to Starbucks for one final birthday treat:  a frappucino without coffee and a pumpkin muffin.

Then home to clean up the kitchen and cook dinner.  By the time I finished, I was too hot to eat and instead, read a little bit from my book and took a fifteen minute nap.

I drove Grace to church for youth group and then parked by the beach to watch the sunset along with these seagulls.



And then I came home and watched Big Brother . . . truly a mixture of the foolish and sublime today.

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